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Five years into widowhood, after one year of incredible happiness and nearly 14 years of single blessedness. Have given up perfect manicures and pretty hands in order to resume playing the soprano recorder and to see if I can figure out how to play bluegrass banjo. Singing in the shower. Still really, *really* love to knit!

Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Sleep is a lovely and under-appreciated thing.

I skipped Knit Night entirely. Took half an hour of PT after miraculously zeroing out my desk at work, something that is not likely to occur again before the Second Coming, beat most of the traffic, grabbed a burger and some tots [mmm, tots!] at Sonic, and came home.

I was too tired to extract the new doll from her box. Too sleepy to putter around the house. I played a bit on Facebook, returned some messages, and was in bed well before 9:00pm. Woke a little after 3:00 this morning, feeling fit as a fiddle [if not necessarily ready for love].

So, a little tweaking of my work responsibilities yesterday. The secretary who had hand surgery is back on light duty; she takes over switchboard today. The previous switchboard operator comes into the back and takes over some of my word processing duties. I continue as temporary legal secretary for roughly the next three months, until our friend is released by her doctor to full duty.

I think my attorney is back in trial today; they were picking a jury yesterday afternoon. My mentor was sick yesterday, so I was able to let the non-urgent stuff slide and finish paying bills, transcribe a couple of tapes for another attorney, etc., while struggling to stay awake.

I love having my fireplace on, and my hands are already starting to dry out because of it. I had to slather them with lotion yesterday.

A small disappointment in the doll-clothing department. As I posted on Facebook, I tried to dress the new doll this morning and discovered that I had miscalculated her waist measurement when designing the skirt. It will not clear her hips. So she is back in the box, because if you think naked Barbies are disturbing [and I always did, a little], you would not believe the glorious pulchritude of this doll. We are not turning my living room into Hefnerland.

If Fourthborn likes the skirt, it will probably fit one of her smaller dolls. I do not think it will clear Blessing’s hooves, though I haven’t tried that yet, besides which I think I want to keep her in cool colors like teal, grey, smoky plum, et al, the better to coordinate with her dark aqua / pale teal hooves.

[You guys don’t mind if I mumble to myself, do you?]

I am hoping to find more ties in the same colors at the thrift store, because they are perfect for [name??]’s hair and skin tone. And I am resisting the temptation to start saving for a smaller doll who could wear the skirt; I am crazy about these big girls. I think the skirt will be miles too long for my Beyla, although I could remove the casing at the waist and shorten it from the top. There’s a thought. Can you tell that I really do not want to let go of this skirt?

I will have to try it on Fourthborn’s Nikolai, who is already wearing a pouty expression and thus should not be uncharacteristically irked at having to impersonate a dressmaker’s dummy.

The outfit I admired at the Iplehouse website is roughly 20% off. I am tempted, and it would solve the problem of NDS [naked doll syndrome]. I wonder how awful the postage would be? [$22, that’s how awful. Fourthborn, if it’s still available when you order your JID’s, I might like to piggyback. Or I may just wait until my bonus hits and order a whole raft of shoes and boots and other things that I can’t easily duplicate.]

I need to replace some items in my own closet, first.

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nekokoi said...

if you decide to do a big Iple order during the event for the discount, i may throw in on that. saving 10-20% on multiple outfits and combining to save on shipping just makes sense. xD

the event (and thus discount) ends Christmas eve. <3 just saying.. xD