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Four years into widowhood, after one year of incredible happiness and nearly 14 years of single blessedness. Have given up perfect manicures and pretty hands in order to resume playing the soprano recorder and to see if I can figure out how to play bluegrass banjo. Singing in the shower. Still really, *really* love to knit!

Friday, February 24, 2017

It followed me home.

And I'm keeping it. Water bottle for scale. Faith sitting in her MCM chair, with a giraffe-patterned ball in her lap, and another thingie photo-bombing in the bottom right corner. The doors on the breakfront or buffet or whatever have bits that slide out on the bottom so one may slip in photos back-to-back. I haven't decided what's going in there, yet. If I were to open the doors, you would see a corkboard along the back wall of the piece. Not sure what I'm going to do with that. Maybe a series of necklaces pinned on with silk pins or sequin pins if they still make those. (I remember all sorts of fake fruit from the late 50's and early 60's created with styrofoam balls and sequins held on by straight pins. It was considered chic at the time, at least by the craft magazines.) Maybe I'll weave über-skinny strips of ribbon across it to make a memory board and tuck in fake letters, invitations, and the like.

Something, anyway. It hasn't told me what it wants to be. It just wanted to come home with me.

I've made more progress on The Albatross today. Two circles worked before I left the house this morning, and another four since I came home. My middle finger left hand is a bit sore from being on the receiving end of the needle tip, and my hands are crepey and drying out because I had pizza for dinner. I've made a real effort to drink enough water today, but my body is whining what have you done for me lately? So I gave it a cup of milk and some ginger cookies.

Tomorrow I'm hoping to get some minor maintenance work done on the Tardis in preparation for the sprint back to Tennessee to bring back the last of Middlest's stuff. And I have luncheon with the widows and widowers group.

Good news on the job front. I got my end of year performance review for 2016, I know what my bonus will be, and I know the percentage range of my salary increase. I'll find out the exact details about a week before it all hits my paycheck. There were three suggestions for improvement, two of which I was already aware of, and the third a somewhat pleasant surprise: that TheKid wished he had as close a relationship with me as he does with the other two members of our team. I feel the same. My office manager had suggestions, and I've begun to implement them.

I'm going to take my evening meds and drool over doll shoes and see if I can find a miniature dollhouse on eBay or Etsy. And then I'm going to bed.

Thursday, February 23, 2017

Is there a draft in here?

Apparently not. I thought I'd saved a picture from my phone, but the battery may have been a smidgen too low. I bought a small piece at Michael's that will become a sideboard (or something) when I put the dollhouse together. For now, it is resting patiently on the ironing board.

I skipped the Thursday knitting group in favor of running errands, bringing party tacos home to share with Middlest, and finishing the first corner of the border on The Albatross. Tomorrow I'll start stitching toward the next corner. I don't know if I'll make all of the corners the same. I'll figure that out as I get there.

I also bought a thingie that might be intended as a recipe holder, but I'm thinking doll-scale menu board or artist's easel. It's all chippy and rustic looking, and maybe someday there'll be a picture for you to see. I got one for Middlest, another for Fourthborn, and one for me.

Found a stunning mini-frame and cannot for the life of me remember where I put that 2"x3" print of the Savior. In the meantime, it's holding a picture of Beloved at the grill with a blowtorch, one of his handouts from the Project Wife days. That will eventually go into a simpler mini-frame. And both will end up in a room setting with Blessing and Celeste. I will have to check out Greg Olsen's and Simon Dewey's websites to see if I can find appropriately scaled prints for the various dolls. I would love to have a miniature temple print in each "room".

I go quilting, after midnight, I go quilting, just the way I used to do.

I have a bad case of finish-itis, which is extremely premature as I am nearing the completion of the first of four corners on the border. After work tonight I hit Trader Joe's, then Costco, then picked up my prescription, came home, ate the rest of my lunch, and headed right back to my room to work on the quilt.

I had a productive day at work, and I made satisfactory progress on the quilt tonight. Not sure if I'll go to the bonus Knit Night tomorrow or just come home and work on the quilt. That will depend on how tired I am when I log off at work, and how much progress I make before leaving for work in seven hours or so.

Brain is pretty active. Body is winding down. I think I will nuke a mug of milk to relax all but the most stubborn bits of me. Night, y'all.

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Not much to see here.

I've worked the doll sweater body to the point where I need to attach the sleeves and work the raglan decreases. I cast on the first sleeve at Knit Night, and while I haven't tried it on the doll, I think it's long enough to join the sweater body. I will, of course, try the sleeve on the doll first.

In food news, Fourthborn and I went to Panera again for dinner and to knit. I had had their mac and cheese a few months ago and was not particularly impressed. Tonight I had it with their creamy tomato soup, and the combination was incredibly delicious.

There was a huge traffic stall on eastbound 30 as traffic funneled down to a single lane through a construction zone at 360. It was too dark to knit while the Tardis was stopped, so I made do with classical music on the radio while my phone charged.

I am now home, medicated, and about ready to hit the sack. The phone is plugged in for the last bit of charging. I've downloaded my mortgage statement and begun the end-of-month update of my financial spreadsheet. My mortgage is less than $40K. Boggles the imagination.

Middlest is quietly sawing logs in the middle bedroom. I hope to be doing the same in 15-20 minutes.

Monday, February 20, 2017

"Mais monseiur, comme vous êtes compliqué!"

Translation: Sir, you are so ... complicated. (The French equivalent of the South's bless your heart!) Taken from a blog post by (Ms.) Max Daniels, a discovery via Mason Dixon Knitting. Caveat: on her blog there is Language. So I take what I need and leave the rest, as she advises.

I think I shall repeat this to myself every time a certain attorney gets wound up because of trial preparation.

Also, Fourthborn told me how to begin to set up shields to keep me from absorbing other people's stuff.

Pretty decent day at work. Excellent lunch with some of the attorneys, because an attorney who left our office for Corporate Law at the mother ship was back in town on business. We went to a really good steak place in the West End, and I had a small, perfect filet mignon while everybody else had some sort of salad festooned with steak or chicken. I did have a small, perfect side salad to go with my steak, and a mound of very dense mashed potatoes. We all had the banana pudding for dessert, and it was excellent, and it may have had a splash of bourbon baked into it. Could have been rum; that would go well with the bananas.

It wasn't like the time I had dinner with Br. Sushi and the cherries jubilee were insufficiently flambéed and I inadvertently got a little buzzed.

Pretty sure that alcohol does not mix with several of my medications, so it's a good thing that I no longer drink.

Also, I frogged the doll sweater (the hat is now perfect) and cast on with the larger needles I used for the crown of the doll hat, and I'm nearly to the armscye.

Sunday, February 19, 2017

"Why are the nuns blind?"

Middlest is migraine-y. Which means light sensitivity and noise sensitivity and mis-hearing of things. (Which is something that most of us in this tribe do on a regular basis, regardless.)

Middlest and Fourthborn were discussing a Tumblr post (hilarious and Mom-friendly), and Fourthborn wondered, Why are we celebrating? (because there was confetti raining down), and then she read the sidebar and discovered that we are celebrating the tenth anniversary of Tumblr. (We being they, because I don't Tumblr.)

And I said, There are none so blind as those who will not see? At which point Middlest asked, Why are the nuns blind? And I said, That's a blog post title.

Middlest reminded Fourthborn that she had milk to drink, then clarified that that was a reminder, not an order, more like an epiphany.

To which I queried, "What about Tiffany?"

And Middlest said, "I dunno."

And I sang, What about breakfast epiphanies?

Word play. It's one thing I miss about my marriage to their father. It was never a competition, more like a verbal Janga that we built together until it collapsed into a fit of mutual laughter.

I wasn't married to Beloved long enough for that to develop, and cancer is a ruthless editor, but I look forward to eternities of mutual discovery like that.

In other news, I get a weekly "you should eat this, it's good for you if you're diabetic" email from my HMO. Today's suggestion was fresh pears. And my response was, "But I don't like fresh pears! Don't make me eat fresh pears!" I loved my mom's canned pears. But canned pears in syrup are not good for me, and as I discussed with Middlest, fresh pears go from rock-hard to overripe in about fifteen seconds, so with one or two rare exceptions they've just gone from the shopping bag to the countertop to the trash.

I left church after sacrament meeting because my left ankle was cranky and inflamed, but not before grabbing my home teacher and another good brother and saying, "I need a priesthood blessing, and I need it now." They are both married to bright, articulate women and didn't even blink. We found an empty classroom, I got my blessing, my eyes leaked a little, I came home, changed into jeans and sneakers, and took Fourthborn home.

I've had a nap, and I've de-nipple-ified the doll hat, and I've put another four rows on the coordinating sweater. Middlest and I had a good, nourishing talk and are currently enjoying one another's company in companionable silence.

Have a blessed and peaceful remainder of the Sabbath, y'all.

Saturday, February 18, 2017

In which I church x2 and nap.

The program this morning was amazing. Nine RS sisters (or possibly eight, and one YW) came up from Houston to my old stake to put on a musical program aimed to lift our collective spirits and get us to stop being so hard on ourselves. One of the songs was "Everybody Says Don't" ~ the song I used for my lip-synch piece in mime class when I was in the first semester of my interpreting program. My friend Sherry was the one who suggested it, and she loaned me the cassette tape so I could learn the words and work out my moves. When the song gets to the part, "laugh-at-the-king" I stood up and pointed at the director of our program, and the room exploded, as did my facade of being a quiet little church mouse.

Good times.

We had baked potatoes and salad and cheesecake for lunch. I picked up Fourthborn, we picked up some screws and wall anchors, she helped Middlest hang two shelves while I took a nap, I baked mini-pizzas for all, then played online collecting ideas to run through the cross stitch design software to generate rugs for the dolls at some future date, I looked at the time on my computer, changed back out of my pajamas, and dashed to the stake center for a devotional led by Elder Neil L. Anderson of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles.

Tanked the Tardis so I could take Fourthborn home tomorrow, bought her a pint of ice cream and a bag of nacho cheese chips for Middlest and a bag of Cadbury dark chocolate mini eggs for an Easter photo shoot with the dolls that may take place anytime between next Saturday and the Fourth of July.

Over and out.

Friday, February 17, 2017

In which we storm IKEA.

Bringing home two long floating shelves and two mid-size floating shelves and one of those open towers (red! on closeout!) and the dollhouse and a bag of Swedish fish and a USB charger.

Before that, Middlest and I went to the doll meet at Pie Five. Peace and her puppy were great hits, as was Middlest's doll. I am finally finding my comfort zone in that group

On the drive home, significant abdominal pain (I suspect reflux), treated with the better part of a bottle of water, and now I am swilling buttermilk and have eaten some ginger cookies. Pain is officially gone, huzzah!

Knit did not happen today, but by the grace of Heaven I had a phenomenally productive day at work and basically finished in, if not quite a blaze of glory, a slightly past its prime sparkler's worth.

Have I mentioned the time I learned that sparklers do not keep from one year to the next? And that it's best to enjoy one's lawful pleasures in their season, rather than deferring them to a later date and finding out they have depreciated into mocking little sticks of uselessness.

This is the part where a sensible person would take her medicine and go to bed. I'm going to eat some ice cream.