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Five years into widowhood, after one year of incredible happiness and nearly 14 years of single blessedness. Have given up perfect manicures and pretty hands in order to resume playing the soprano recorder and to see if I can figure out how to play bluegrass banjo. Singing in the shower. Still really, *really* love to knit!

Thursday, February 15, 2018


Neither my laptop nor my phone were cooperating last night. The colors are ridiculously muted here. Maybe I should use something other than my paisley sheets as a backdrop. Skew the blues to teals and brighten the beige to gold, and you'll have a better idea of how snazzy this turned out.

In other good news, I was told the amount of my raise for 2018, and I am pleased. It becomes effective on February 24 and will show up in my checking account in mid-March, along with a bonus that is considerably better than a poke in the eye with a sharp stick.

I've spent bits of the last several nights working on my spreadsheet and refining my budget. I set some financial goals on Monday night and began to plan out how to achieve them. I tweaked the spreadsheet a little night and no doubt will be doing more of that as the year progresses.

I go back to the doctor tomorrow afternoon for a recheck on last week's fall when my chair broke. I have felt immensely blessed all week, and I've been ferociously productive at work. Which means that tonight I am knackered but victorious, realizing that I could have done little without major help from above.

Theoretically I was going to sew on the RS project tonight, but instead I'm going to pour myself a glass of buttermilk and grab a handful of ginger cookies and make an early night of it.

Sunday, February 11, 2018

Flying by the seat of my pants. More or less. And a finished object.

Crossing "rodeo cowgirl" off my bucket list. Friday my chair at work broke, tipping the seat perpendicular to the floor and bucking me off in the process. (Perfect three point landing!) All the pertinent parts were X-rayed to a fare-thee-well at an urgent care center after work. One tiny bruise, but otherwise nothing damaged but my dignity.

I was pretty stiff Friday but slept most of it off overnight. I had a six hour nap yesterday and woke refreshed and almost ache-free. However, I slept so long that I missed the window of opportunity at the pharmacy and had to get my prescription for industrial strength ibuprofen filled after sacrament meeting today.

Bonus of sorts: I learned that I have arthritis in my right hip and right hand at the thumb, which were both more tender than usual after my fall.

I didn't have too much difficulty standing up to lead the music in sacrament meeting today. Sitting down was slower and more painful. Plus, for the intermediate hymn and the closing hymn, I felt a little light-headed after standing. Not vertigo per se, just the slightest sense of disconnection.

I got a priesthood blessing after sacrament meeting from my good home teacher and another friend, and then I came home and grabbed what I thought was my prescription, but was not. So, in all, three roundtrips to the pharmacy to get that prescription filled, but it's done, and at no cost to me.

This is actually finished object #3 for the year, but I have a great pun for the second one, so it will get its own blog post.

I made this hat from the yarn leftover from the mitts that I made for Middlest last year. The ball band is long since history, and I don't feel like jumping over to Ravelry to see if I remembered to record it there.

The pattern is another Daniel Yuhas recipe, and it was a joy to knit. I've handed over the last dab of yarn to Middlest, along with the hat.

I have a good-sized ball of fat charcoal grey acrylic yarn that I used when knitting for the homeless in late 2016. I thought a hat from this same pattern would be a good idea to use up the yarn productively, but either the needles I chose were too small, or the yarn was insufficiently elastic for the multitude of K1fb increases. I knit until the crown was about 4" across, and it was a stiff and cranky bit of fabric, so I frogged it and put those needles away. There's the slightest possibility that I have a crochet hook of the proper size, but more than likely I will just hand it off to Fourthborn for her dolly rehab projects.

I'm feeling another nap coming on, so this is it for today.

Sunday, February 04, 2018


The colors are skewed here. in real life, that skirt is russet verging on cranberry, as are the darker stripes in the shirt and the border on the scarf. The tights and lighter stripes are sort of an electric pumpkin. Items on the left are from Gudrun's catalogue. Scarf on the right courtesy of my sister, several years ago when she purged her closet.

This is me in my Knit Swirl. Corporate was wanting pictures of our favorite sweaters, but I procrastinated having a coworker snap a picture until after the link was gone. Oh well. Cheesy grin at no extra charge.

Last week at work was intense. Not brutal, but intense.It was with great relief that I wore Beloved's BYU shirt and jeans and sneakers to work on Friday. I got a whale of a lot accomplished each day, but I came home not wanting to write or think. Read a little. Knitted rather more. I finished my cowl and will be sending the leftover yarn to my sister on the way to Knit Night after work on Tuesday. I took the remaining yarn from when I knitted those infernally cabled mitts for Middlest last year and cast on a ribbed watch cap for said child. I'm using a recipe from my Daniel Yuhas "from the center out" book. Finished the increases before bedtime last night and have a little over two inches worked on the straightaway.

When this one is done, will cast on another from the super bulky charcoal grey acrylic I bought year before last to knit for the homeless. And then I will begin a new round of baby socks from the bag of yarn I brought home from church today. One of my friends is moving to Tennessee. I am the beneficiary of her sock yarn stash. There's some really good stuff in there, yarns I've always sort of wanted to try but never got around to. Now's my chance.

This is all I've got for you tonight. But I've missed y'all. Work is less stressful. My health appears to have stabilized. I've gotten two good naps in this weekend. And right now I just want to knit until I can no longer keep my eyes open. Later, gators.

Saturday, January 27, 2018

Another long week.

But a slightly better one. I worked overtime three nights of it, and I was pretty much caught up until the system went down yesterday afternoon. Thankfully, I had my knitting and made some progress there while waiting to see if the system came up before quitting time. (It didn't.)

I also had plenty of time to clean off my desk and dust my cubicle. We are having bigwigs in the office next week. No jeans until they're all safely gone. Everything shipshape. I'm assigned to the kitchen committee. Quelle joie! Which means that every so often I need to go in and make sure that the counters are spotless and that the break room looks as if nobody ever eats in there. I got to muck out the big fridge yesterday afternoon.

Today I did the Costco run and the Braum's run and washed six small-to-medium loads of laundry, sorted by color, urgency, and dryer heat. The last load is about to go into the dryer. Everything else is folded and put away, which is in itself a miracle on the order of the loaves and the fishes.

Strangely, I am not knackered.

There has been knitting. And reading. And I finished my tax return but cannot file it until we get an exemption certificate for Middlest so I don't get dinged for my kid having no insurance. No job = no income = no insurance =  frustration on both our parts, because last year I just filed with none of this nonsense and no repercussions.

It was a glorious day to be outside running errands. Temperate breeze while I tanked the Tardis. I love feeling my hair fly about (as long as I am not wearing lipstick, that is).

I tried on the cowl I'm knitting, and it fits exactly as I'd hoped. I'm not sure how much longer to make it. I'm inclined to knit until I run out of yarn, but if I knew that I had enough yarn for it, I'd stop now and knit coordinating mitts. As it is, I think I'll just keep going with the cowl and find a fatter yarn in the funky neutral and whip up another pair of Fetching.

The new Gudrun Sjödén catalogue arrived midweek, at the end of an exhausting day. I stayed up way too late drooling over it. Basically, I want one of everything, in one color or another, and a walk-in closet or maybe just a larger house. *snort*

The yarn is calling. Later, gators.

Saturday, January 20, 2018

A long week.

I made it to work all four days from Tuesday through Friday. Got my emails wrangled. Got my ToDo's pretty much whipped into shape. Got all of the outgoing mail sent. Reviewed the mail my coworkers wrangled while I was out and deleted those folders. Endured three separate meetings and watched switchboard during a meeting for the admin team.

Came home the first three nights tired but triumphant and grateful. Came home last night grateful for my anti-anxiety and muscle relaxer prescriptions. Not to mention 28 minutes of inadvertent overtime. I was ready to pinch SemperFi's head off. I was almost ready to email the office manager and ask her to assign me to someone else.

At home, Middlest was having an equally difficult day. When I messaged to saying that my day had gone south at the end and that I was taking myself out to dinner so as not to bring that toxicity home with me, my kid asked me to bring something home as well. And then my phone went berserk as I walked down to the Tardis and sent Middlest about a dozen crying/screaming stickers, which I didn't see until I was halfway home, and which didn't help my beloved child's mental state at all.

I decided that Panera take-out was a more sensible solution than the steak/baked sweet/Caesar salad (surrounded by people) that I'd initially envisioned. So I picked up my dinner and hit Bueno for Middlest's, put Middlest's on the kitchen counter, and took mine to my room.

I was almost immediately grateful that Middlest had asked me to do a small kindness, and it was almost immediately effective in beginning to turn my attitude around. I knitted a little after dinner, read my scriptures, and crashed somewhat earlier than I've been doing since going back to work.

Today has been a good day. Adequate rest last night, successful runs to Daiso (for disposable face masks) then Costco then home. Quick lunch after helping to put the food away. Lovely nap. Knitting in companionable silence while Middlest ate dinner. Loading the dishwasher and making my own dinner, eaten with my legs up in bed. After which I ran to Braum's for the usual plus a dozen eggs and a package of discounted white chocolate macadamia nut cookies that I have divvied up for lunches next week.

I've downloaded the first book in one of my favorite mystery series (Lord Peter Wimsey) to my Kindle for re-reading. It's time to take my evening meds, sort out my pills for next week, and go knit or read until I'm ready to sleep again.

I am so looking forward to attending church tomorrow. I haven't been well enough to attend in almost a month. I need to take the sacrament, and I want to see my friends and fellowship with them.

Monday, January 15, 2018

Kind of a weird but good day.

Lots and lots of sleeping. I could probably get an Olympic medal for sleeping. Not much else has happened. Less coughing than yesterday. A little coloring while listening to "Adventures in Music" tonight. Several more chapters in the novel I'm reading. Multiple trips to the shipping notice to see if my latest order is still hung up in Cologne (Koeln). It is.

I did a (very) little work on my taxes today. Changed my password, confirmed my personal information, and entered a handful of numbers. I set the timer in the kitchen so I would not lose track of time and sit here too long.

The Cranberries' lead singer is dead at 46. I loved her voice. Cause of death is not known at this time. She leaves three children. I hope she is at peace, and I pray that her family may be comforted.

Today is Beloved's fifth angelversary. Ordinarily, I try to spend this day in service to others, but that's difficult when I'm convalescing. I'm pretty much limited to prayers (not a small thing), positive thoughts, and scattering joy on Facebook.

One of the best things that happened was finding the name of an artist I'd never heard of (Rackstraw Downes) in an interview of an LDS artist on Segullah, googling him, and IMing Fourthborn's roommate the artist's name. As I'd hoped, my friend was delighted.

Another good thing was a picture my dear friend R shared on Facebook, painted by a Haitian artist, of Dr. King gently shushing the POTUS. I shared that as well, and I will probably get unfriended by a lot of people for it, but the man is anything but presidential. I was not a huge fan of the prior POTUS's politics, but I respected him as a human being. I wish I could say that for the sitting one.

Happy thoughts, need some happy thoughts. OK, here's one: I spent a few minutes this afternoon whirring ginger cookie crumbs in the food processor and adding them to the stash in the freezer. I think we are almost to the point where I can use them as the crust for a pumpkin cheesecake.

A very happy thought, indeed!

Sunday, January 14, 2018

Turning the other cheek

That's all I seem to be doing these days. Sit up in bed until my tush goes to sleep. Lie on one side until my hand goes to sleep. Sit out here in the dining room on a hard chair until my legs go to sleep.

Today is my sixth wedding anniversary. It's been a lovely, calm day, dampened only by the fact that I kept my germs at home instead of going to church. Two of my kids have posted photo memories on Facebook.

I've knitted, colored, listened to classical music, taken a long nap, and figured out things to eat that won't make me cough. There really has been minimal coughing today, and very little drainage. While I'm still not fully recovered from this flu, I feel infinitely better than I did a week ago today, when I dragged myself to the after-hours clinic and came home with an Rx for Tamiflu.

I just want to be well and stay that way for a good long while, if that's Heaven's plan for my growth. My parents have been popping up in my dreams with increasing frequency. They're typically reproving me when they do. And they weren't picky-picky people in mortality. Maybe the next time I'll have sufficient presence of mind to ask if this is a big hint from the Universe or if they're just there to remind me that I need to do more family history research.

Willing to do that, absolutely. (The latter, not the former.) I need to be able to sit with my legs and feet down long enough to make it happen.