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Four years into widowhood, after one year of incredible happiness and nearly 14 years of single blessedness. Have given up perfect manicures and pretty hands in order to resume playing the soprano recorder and to see if I can figure out how to play bluegrass banjo. Singing in the shower. Still really, *really* love to knit!

Monday, April 24, 2017

An amazingly wonderful day at work.

Got all the way through my inbox, the incoming mail, stuff that's been lurking in my ZZ-Sec (pending) folder, and my To Do's. Even had time to start working on vacation letters for SemperFi. Reimbursement for the first half of the medical expenses I submitted last week, hit my account today, so off to Costco I went. The fridge, freezer, and pantry are restocked to my satisfaction, and on the way home I picked up more of Middlest's migraine-battling soda. When I got home, Middlest was zonked out (and is still sleeping as I write); I wrangled everything into the house and stowed it without hurting my back or my shoulder. I have an appointment for my first physical therapy session on Wednesday morning. Am nearly done with the second corner motif on the quilt, and it's calling my name, so this is all you get tonight.

Sunday, April 23, 2017

A mostly wonderful day, with a side order of crabbiness (mine).

Middlest continues to mend slowly from the kidney stones that came to pass.

I had enough energy to make it through all three hours of church today, the first time that has happened in about a month. And not quite enough oomph to keep from coming home with ankles that were swollen into folds that Middlest said looked like cake batter. I tried to sing a line from "MacArthur Park" and only ended up confusing us both.

I've posted the following picture on the doll blog but wanted to share it here as well. Half an inch of progress on both the body and the third sleeve. Hoping for more progress tomorrow.

I got crabby with Middlest a few minutes ago, after I'd sat down to blog and my kid needed a quick favor that was not at all unreasonable. But I was a little tired, and I reverted almost immediately into I just put you to bed ten minutes ago and no, you can't have another drink of water mode. Which Middlest did not deserve, and I need to go apologize before we both crash for the night.

Apparently I haven't outgrown the need for training wheels on this motherhood buggy.

Saturday, April 22, 2017

Eating. Sleeping. And not much else.

This has been an unproductive day for the most part. Composed a letter to the administrator for the stock shares I inherited from Beloved, because I got a notice that the unclaimed dividends from when he was so ill are in danger of being forfeited to the state. I spoke with a customer service representative yesterday, who told me what the letter needs to say in order for them to reissue the dividend(s) in my name and to my account number. So that's done. I'll mail it from work on Monday.

I loaded and ran the dishwasher. Middlest accidentally pushed the start button when closing it again after removing something, and we've had a grin over that. Those dishes are now very, very clean. I'm about to empty the dishwasher and load it with the things that didn't fit into the first load. Having a third person in the house, while delightful, uses up dishes exponentially faster than when it's just the two of us. The kids caught up the laundry on Thursday. It was my turn to do something about the sink. We had the doll meet last night. And I am still running on empty from Middlest's latest attack of kidney stones.

We agreed last night, on the drive home from taking Fourthborn back, that today would be pretty much nonverbal and dedicated to rest. I had a decent night's sleep and have since had two long naps. I've been vertical for maybe five hours since waking to take morning meds at 6:00am. Middlest has been napping off and on all day and is currently sleeping.

I took Blessing from where she was looking trapped between her chair and the harp, and set Celeste in her place. I need to get Celeste a proper straight-backed chair in which to sit and play, but she looks as if she were made to play that harp. I've already shared to the two doll groups I'm on, on Facebook, and have gotten good feedback. As well as from my two harp-playing friends on my main FB page.

If you want to see the resin characters who showed up at last night's doll meet, here is a link. They are a group every bit as diverse as their owners.

I need to reload that dishwasher, clear some stuff off the bed so I may work on the quilt at least a little, and listen to my Book of Mormon. I want to wait 45 minutes, take my evening meds, and go back to bed. I'm not depressed. Thankfully, I'm not ill. And my back and shoulder are both mercifully quiescent. I'm just feeling distinctly unRavelled.

Friday, April 21, 2017

Two day work week.

I could get used to that. I had another wonderfully productive day and I am definitely ready for the weekend. With the exception of picking up a prescription tomorrow, and maybe taking Middlest to Half Price Books, my goal is to stay home in my pajamas and not talk to anyone until church on Sunday. Since Middlest is feeling much the same, I suspect this will be a quietly productive weekend.

I should go to a funeral tomorrow afternoon, but I think I will just send a card and pray like crazy instead. I am all peopled out.

We are under a severe thunderstorm warning for the next hour or so and a tornado watch until 1:00a.m. The sirens went off at the fire station maybe 15 minutes ago ~ five years in this house, and it's the first time I've heard or noticed them. And the weather radio is screaming every five to ten minutes. This may be a very long night...

I'm going to pray that if we really do need to take cover, the Spirit will wake me up and help me to roust Middlest.

Over and out.

Thursday, April 20, 2017

Back at the salt mines

This was my first day back after a five day weekend. It went far better than it could have, given that there were 99 emails waiting for me. SemperFi walked in a little after I did and gave me this card:

I save his cards every year, because they're so spot-on.

The repaired/restored harp arrived safely from the Etsy artisan, and I've got it set up on the dining room table for the moment, with Blessing perched in her chair looking distinctly unenthused.

I made a (very) little progress on Avery's sweater today. I did reach my quilting goal this evening. Am hoping that I can finish out a second corner on the border and start working toward a third. We have PieFive with the doll folk tomorrow night, and I have a funeral on Saturday. Another of Heavenly Father's noble sons has gone Home. Comforting his beloved is more important in the eternal scheme of things.

I've just lost half an hour noodling around in settings on the doll blog. Night, y'all.

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Quiet, steady progress today. At least for me.

Got the Tardis safety inspected, which involved fixing the third brake light on the back of the camper shell. Not cheap for them to run a line from there to the brake switch, but she's legal, and more importantly, the state cannot object to her being used for J's driving test. I spent a lot of time last year trying to help him make it happen, only to be foiled by picky people at the DMV.

Also paid the light bill (almost forgot to, but then it's been crazier than usual around here for the past week or so) and picked up more milk and orange juice.

I've made respectable progress on the quilt today and added at least eight rows to the body of Avery's sweater. It's now sixteen rows and 7/8 inch long. If my calculations are correct, it will be something like 105 rows long when I reach the armscye. The fabric is gorgeous, but that much stockinette is visually boring, so I'll spare you. If you're that curious, head over to the doll blog for a beauty shot.

When I get to work tomorrow, the reconstructed harp should be waiting at my desk. Tracking says it was delivered at 12:07 this afternoon.

Middlest is still puny. The second kidney stone is out of the kidney and slowly carving a path to the outside world. We can track it by the Morse code of bruises along my kid's upper abdomen.

I've spent the evening in my room with both lamps blazing and the door closed, as Middlest's migraine continues to rage, and that much light would only make it worse.

I've enjoyed my staycation, and I'm ready to go back to work tomorrow. Fourthborn is staying to watch over Middlest, and I haven't decided if I'm going to the Dallas knit night after work, or simply coming home by way of the grocery store for more bottled water.

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Why are you giving me a dead person’s sheep?

I originally attempted to post this last night, but there was a glitch and the entire bushel of brilliance nonsense vanished into thin air.

This had to qualify as the most interesting birthday to date. Middlest and I both had irregular sleep and found ourselves up at the same time. Since it was after midnight, I opened my present from my sister: a charming print, a pair of earrings, and a scarf knit up from yarn that I slipped into her Christmas package last year. Here's a beauty shot of the unopened box.

Once we were officially awake, I took Middlest for the monthly doctor’s appointment, then up to the pharmacy in Wylie to fill a couple of Rx’s. We came home, dropped off the things we didn’t need, and headed to Arlington to pick up Fourthborn and begin the day’s festivities. We pulled into Whataburger to get them sustenance while I was having lunch with Fourthborn’s former fiancé who is still a member of this family whether he likes it or not. This is when I discovered that my wallet had gone missing.

We ransacked the truck. I dropped my kids at Barnes & Noble with the snacks they’d brought to while away the afternoon, had lunch with J, and drove back home to check the house. The wallet wasn’t there. I checked the Tardis again. Still not there. So I fired up my phone and discovered that the pharmacy had been trying to reach me for four hours.

Ahem. I drove up to Wylie again, sheepishly picked up my wallet, tanked the truck, and picked up my kids after hitting the drive-thru at In N Out, because I didn’t want to face the nice people at Whataburger again.

I should mention at this point that it had been raining off and on all day, in varying degrees of intensity, and that my left side got a good soaking at the drive-thru. By the time I got a block or two west to pick up the kids, it had subsided ever so slightly. Oh, and Middlest is in the process of ejecting a second kidney stone so is not moving all that fast.

We stopped at Home Depot to use the loo. At which point I discovered that my phone was now missing. After ransacking my purse and the poor Tardis again, we discovered it just over the horizon of the dashboard.

They inhaled their burgers and fries while I hobbled into the party store to order balloons for the dinner. I’d bought a Grim Reaper balloon online because I couldn’t find one locally. I have wanted this particular balloon for twenty-five years, ever since I spotted it just before my 40th birthday.

We hung out at Half Price Books until it was time to pick up the balloons, then crossed over the freeway to the restaurant. They seated us at the table for 16 which I’d reserved, and Fourthborn helped me free the balloons from their protective wrapping. Family started trickling in. Firstborn and Willow, Secondborn and 2BDH and the Bitties and a young cousin who is living with them, 1BDH, LittleBit and her roommate, Mel and Squishy. I took these before everybody showed up, but this is most of the tribe.

We filled every seat prepared for us.

Middlest’s pain crested, so Mel and Squishy took my kid home to their house while I took Fourthborn back to her apartment to pack for a brief stay with us. Lots of hugs. I remembered my take-home, largely because Middlest and I put Fourthborn in charge of it. We had to circle back as we were leaving the parking lot to grab Mel and Squishy’s leftovers just as the staff was clearing the table.

Because it was my birthday, the staff “serenaded” me while I wore an enormous purple velvet sombrero. (My respect for the vaqueros who ride in the Fourth of July parade has gone up tenfold. Those hats are heavy!)

When I got home, I discovered that one of my new earrings had gone walkabout. I put new batteries in the flashlight and checked the Tardis, but it was nowhere to be seen. I almost lost both of them, but I found the other dangling like a pennant from my hair and caught it just in time. This, after crimping the hooks twice while wearing them. The good news is, I have a Murano glass earring (somewhere) in the same colors that was orphaned a decade or more ago, and I can wear them as a mismatched pair.

Oh. The sheep. I almost forgot. LittleBit’s gift to me was a resin sheep that she found at an estate sale. Hence the title of this post.