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Saturday, August 11, 2012

Now *this* looks interesting!

Found this review on MovieMom’s blog.

Middlest, pictures of my new doll will have to wait until I get my computer set up, which will not happen until we reconfigure the middle bedroom into an office, which comes way farther down my list of priorities than getting myself a workable closet.

Yes, I have a camera on my phone, and yes, I could probably figure out how to email a picture to you, but I am going to have to acquire a new life skill sometime today, and I’m not sure there is room at the inn for two new life skills in one day. Especially when we are feeding the missionaries tonight and trying to figure out where to Tetris them into a living room that is still crammed with boxes from Beloved’s mother’s storage unit.

Before I forget: Alison, find Rose is Rose in the comics for today, Saturday the 11th. Squirrel antics. I thought of you.

Now about that new life skill. With some back-story, first. On Thursday I got to lead one of the newbies on a working tour of the temple, check-off list in hand, showing her where the fire extinguishers, fire pull boxes, telephones, first aid stations, emergency exits, etc., are. It takes about an hour to do it right. We did it right. And my other responsibilities had me on my feet all night, except for maybe ten minutes.

That is too long for me to be afoot. At the end of the evening both ankles were massively swollen into folds that resembled those wrinkly Chinese dogs. Not fun. And I had done something to my right knee, the one I messed up on that long, long drive when Dad died in 1990. I don’t know at this point if it’s another stress fracture, or if it’s ligaments or tendons or simply cranky musculature, but it’s still tender at noon on Saturday.

If it’s still hurting in a week, I will not wait another two and a half months to get it X-rayed, like last time. I limped all day yesterday, and most of my joints ached from the waist on down. I just fired off a letter to my supervisors at the temple, asking them to please not schedule me to stand for more than half an hour at a time, from here on out, and why.

As soon as Beloved wakes from his post-gardening nap, we are heading off to Costco. I will be conceding defeat and grabbing one of those carts to ride in. I get to learn how to play Costco Dodge-'Em. You can expect me as the starter on the relay team in the 2016 Games.

Still no word from M.D. Anderson. They have promised him, twice, that he would hear back “in 45 minutes,” but have failed to do so. This is getting really old. (So am I, but at least I try to be entertaining.)

Beloved’s cancer count is climbing, so we are back to chemo every week. He was getting up about once an hour during the night to hit the bathroom; it is now every half hour or 45 minutes. He will be discussing that with his oncologist next week, and there is a possibility they will be changing the drugs in his chemo cocktail. Thus far he has not needed the chemo caps, but his eyebrows are coming in all funny and surprised-looking. His hair is actually getting darker.

Something really funny happened at work yesterday. I got a voicemail from the company which handles some of our benefits, responding to a call “I” made on Thursday regarding retirement planning. I checked the company directory. Sure enough, there are two other women with names virtually identical to mine. I returned the gentleman’s call and told him I would email them and ask the right “me” to contact him.

Retirement. It is to laugh. A genuine miracle if it happens in my lifetime, unless Beloved and I discover oil in our backyard. Meanwhile, I am ever so thankful that I love my job and my co-workers.

I woke up at 3-something, absolutely parched from the refreshments at the wedding reception last night. Went out to the living room and downed a bottle and a half of water and put four and a half rounds on the sweater sleeve. After two weeks, I am nearly up to the elbow. This is not going to be a fast project, any more than the pillow covers were, but I suspect I will enjoy the process every bit as much.

Time to go roust Beloved and head for the jousting fields at Costco. Wish me luck!

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Jenni said...

I love Costco. Just think of all the small partially unattended children you can run over as you make your way from sample booth to sample booth.