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Sunday, October 21, 2012

Beloved is moulting.

He was right: his hair is definitely getting thinner all over; I find it ironic that he should be losing his hair a month after his last chemo and not during chemo. We go back for consultation tomorrow to find out what his treatment schedule will be on the investigational drug.

He and YoungerTwin (I do need to find better names for the twins, and for their wives) had a good, safe trip. I drove YT home after they got back to our house yesterday afternoon, and we had a good talk.

Beloved has showered and is getting dressed. He just emitted a new noise. It was alarming. I asked if he was OK. He said he was. I said I knew most of his noises, but that was a new one.

“I always test-drive my new noises on Sunday.”


Today I will get sustained and set apart for my new calling. I may not be able to tell you what it is for a couple of days, because I don’t know if Beloved’s laptop is working, and I don’t know how much zip I will have after a lightning trip to Houston and back, particularly if I do most or all of the driving.

Yesterday, tired as he was, he picked a flat and a bucket of pomegranates, and we got most of them seeded and juiced last night. The rest will have to wait until tomorrow night, because after church we are coming home, taking a quick nap (neither of us slept well last night), and then getting the heck out of Dodge.

The new knitting is coming along nicely. I will probably get into the second color while we are at MD Anderson tomorrow. I wonder if that yarn shop will be open tomorrow? I would like to pick up the third color sooner, rather than later, and it would be an excellent souvenir of the trip.

I did a little buying to go with my shopping on Friday. (Not sure if I blogged that.) Three new/replacement dressy T-shirts, another pair of leggings, and some accessories. A very modest expenditure. And I saved Beloved $37.17 on the clothing alone. [1BDH said I should make sure to point that out to Beloved.]

I need to grab my handouts for what I hope will be my last Primary lesson to teach, ever, but what I suspect will not. I will genuinely miss having these kids in class; I will not miss having to prepare a lesson every week.

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