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Monday, January 26, 2015

Down the rabbit hole of genealogy.

kWell, if I'd ever wondered what on earth I would do to keep my wits about me during retirement, yesterday answered that. I came home from church, fired up my phone, and spent the rest of the day, minus lunch, a brief nap, and a Downton Abbey break at Mel and Squishy's, connecting public records to various ancestors and merging a few duplicate individuals on Family Search.

Absolutely no danger of falling asleep during the process. I was sufficient irritated by the intermittent internet connection on my phone that I remained awake and alert until nearly midnight.

Which meant that when my alarm went off a little before 5:00 this morning, I most uncharacteristically pushed it back an hour and promptly fell asleep. No workout for Ms. Ravelled this morning, so I will be building more movement into my workday and at lunch.

I tried something new for breakfast yesterday. Made a batch of oatmeal using cashew milk and throwing in some chia seeds and a spoonful of coconut oil, both of which are diabetic friendly. Also a cup of frozen mixed berries.

And of course it made more than two servings, so this morning I am eating the rest of the bowl I couldn't finish before church, and I have at least two more days' worth of purple oatmeal. The texture is a little weird: slick, mushy, chewy, crunchy.

The chia seeds blew up during cooking like my ankles when I've had too much salt. I think I like them better as a garnish in salad. And I'm not sure if the slickness came from them or the coconut oil or some combination of both.

I think probably less coconut oil next time.  I guessed on the quantity.

And if I don't scurry, I won't be able to knit before work. Later, gators.

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