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Wednesday, October 07, 2015

After the trials of your faith...

... or your patience ... come the blessings. It took me four trips to get everything out to the curb yesterday. When I came home, the yard was groomed (possibly for the last time this year), the various bins were empty, and the desk was G-O-N-E.There are a few small piles in the corner of the room where the desk sat, and I will deal with them one at a time in the very near future.

The biggest and best news is that I have finally e-filed my 2014 tax return. I was expecting a modest refund. By the time I finished with deductions and credits, I was astounded to see that I will be getting approximately three times that amount. I've gotten notification that Uncle Sugar has accepted my return, and somewhere a computer is comparing apples and oranges, chewing its cud, and preparing to give me a nice fresh bucket of moolah.

I also submitted the invoice for my new glasses, for reimbursement from my medical spending reimbursement account. Next month I will have to decide how much to fund the kitty for 2016. (I seem to be overrun with critter metaphors tonight.)

The two library books which are due on Saturday, are waiting by the front door. I'm about to go try to finish a third book. I've started a "to read" list on Evernote. When the author of a book I'm reading, recommends another book that sounds interesting, onto the list it goes. I could probably stay busy for the next six months just reading books that Brené Brown has mentioned in the two books of hers which I've read.

Might not finish that third book tonight. It's getting harder and harder to stay awake while I type. Maybe just a couple of stories and then lights out.

I cannot adequately express how freeing it is to have that desk gone, a chunk of my room uncluttered, and my taxes filed.

Oh, and I officially got half of a second attorney's docket this afternoon. I was about ready to chew a paw off, which would have made typing difficult.

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