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Monday, June 27, 2016

Honey, I'm home.

Have been for a week, actually, but what a week it has been. We unloaded the Tardis immediately. Fourthborn had gotten so much done on the middle bedroom in my absence. We finished the floor, set up the bed, and went out for Whataburger while the house cooled off. The batteries had died in the thermostat, which Fourthborn hadn't noticed, but Middlest and I sure did. I replaced the batteries, we went out, and we've kept the ceiling fans going in all rooms pretty constantly all week.

At this point, Middlest has the room arranged neatly. We just took out nearly two dozen flattened boxes to the curb, plus two large boxes filled with more. And the recycling bins. And a bag of shredding. I might be able to fill a second bag before bedtime.

There is a Rameumptom of food storage boxes about four feet to the southeast of me, here in the living room. Three towers stacked ten boxes high, with two partial boxes of flooring on top like cherries on a sundae. It's like the leaning tower of obedience, and it makes me antsy in the extreme, and between us Middlest and I need to come up with enough "spoons" to wrangle the boxes into some other part of the house. Because the new RS president is coming to visit on Thursday night, and while I don't give a squirrel's toot [suggests Middlest] what anyone thinks about my housekeeping skills or intermittent lack thereof, we need to have enough room for people to sit down like civilized individuals. And breathe. And maybe even make eye contact.

In searching "Rameumptom" on lds.org, I was led to a talk by Elaine Jack, a former General RS President. Middlest just said, "It's Monday night. Do you have any ideas for FHE?" Why yes, I do. I've read a little of this article, and it seems like a likely candidate. Later, gators. If the article is as good as I think it might be, I'll post a link on FB.

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