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Monday, January 04, 2010

Subversive Virginity

A link to this article was in the footnotes to a recent General Conference address. I was rummaging around at lds.org for a spiritual thought for our welfare meeting.

@ Kristen: Kim’s email address is in the left-hand column of her homepage, right under her picture. At least that’s where it shows up when I click on the link. I am getting so used to the Facebook chat window jumping all over the screen when I talk with NintendoMan, that nothing much surprises me anymore.

Ten hours at church yesterday, more or less, give or take. By the time I got home from the fireside, I just wanted to kick off my shoes and put on my jammies and talk to TheBoy. Which, thankfully I did, a nice comfy conversation punctuated only by his coughing.

I was sensible at the potluck last night. A bowl of soup, a couple of my friend Ruth’s excellent cheese biscuits, an ordinary roll with the real butter which I provided, a small rice krispie treat, and a narrow[ish] slice of pecan pie. Of course, if you feed a herd of 40-somethings all the carbs they could wish, the inevitable result is drowsiness. And about halfway through the mission president’s address, I was glad to have my knitting, and to be sitting next to his wife. (See ten hours at church yesterday, above.)

So, back in the saddle again today. It is going to be weird to have a full week at work, after two short weeks in succession. Good thing I like my job!

I don’t do New Year’s resolutions, but I do set a goal or two. One of this year’s is to serve in the temple weekly. I need that mid-week spiritual booster shot; the spark which I have been seeking is very much present in this friendship between NintendoMan and me. We are each committed to Heaven’s standards for interpersonal behavior. Regular temple attendance, as limiting touch to that which is respectful and reverent, will ensure that we continue to honor ourselves, one another, and our respective covenants with the Lord.

There is fire which purifies, and fire which destroys. By carefully and prayerfully avoiding the latter, we open up the possibility of the former.

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Jenni said...

I'd love to join you one day after work, before I start back to school.

Thank you for sharing the link for this article. I read it and want to share it with my younger kiddo and discuss it.