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Monday, August 16, 2010


First of all, thank you for the supportive comments! It is one thing to know something is right. [In this case, giving my honest opinion.] It can be quite another to step out in faith and do it.

A series of emails wafted back and forth like badminton birds yesterday, before and after our respective meetings.

After I heard his reasoning, I agreed that we should alter our plans for Saturday night. It has to do with sustaining the leadership in his stake, and since that is something I do with my own local leadership, and because it also takes any time pressures off what we had planned to do before the dance, it is win-win all the way around.

I also got some other answers in the course of the day. Yes, he is dating other women. Don’t get huffy on my behalf; I find this entirely reassuring. This is the way we used to do things when I was young, before people thought it was a good idea to fall into bed with one another. After I joined the church, I would occasionally date two or three different guys during the course of the week. One of the most well-liked and exceedingly chaste young women in my singles ward sometimes dated *four* in a week.

This was also before the day of the NCMO (Non-Committal Making-Out).

The new guy is behaving with Victorian propriety toward me. I presume his behavior is no less gentlemanly towards the other ladies. So I have nothing to fear, and nothing to be jealous of.

Plus, I leveraged another date for this week, so I am feeling rather like the cat that ate the canary.


Bonnie said...

I think it is perfectly ok to date more than one person, especially if each party is honest and open about it. It keeps things lighter, ideally, and it's a way to really single out the qualities you like.

Jenni said...

As long as the honesty is there from the beginning, it is probably a good idea. i think it keeps things from getting too heavy too quickly and you don't haev to put so much importance into every nuance of every exchange.