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Saturday, March 26, 2011

A respiratory intervention.

Four of my co-workers staged one yesterday. One of them, who shares her PCP (primary care physician, not drug) with me, said in no uncertain terms that if I did not call our doctor, she would. So I did, knowing that the doctor was not in the office on Fridays and I would have to see one of her associates. She was there! And they had an appointment in the early afternoon! So I zipped through my attorney’s dictation and got everything into the mail, sent out the email to the people for whom and to whom I am responsible, set my voicemail and Out of Office Assistant, and got the heck out of Dodge.

My co-workers were talking bronchitis or walking pneumonia. Yes, that is how bad I sounded, and one of them just got over pneumonia, so I’ve been exposed to it. She told me not to be surprised if I got thrown into the hospital, which of course put me on the edge of panic, because my CPAP is here at home and (more to the point) I wasn’t sure if I had enough knitting with me.

I can handle anything if I have sufficient sticks and string.

So, my diagnosis was 465.0 (acute laryngopharyngitis) and 786.2 (cough). Lungs are clear, as is my right ear. I take the second dose of my Z-pack this afternoon, and thus far no side effects. I just took my first dose of Mucinex-D, which I’ve been afraid to take because of possible hallucinations. My wonderful doctor explained the difference between D and DM and told me that if I made sure not to get the DM, I should be fine. The pharmacist did counsel me that the pseudoephedrine might make me wakeful [oh, joy!], so I put off taking it until this morning. I think I will not need to take the full two-tablet dose next time.

The doctor told me to rest all weekend, so I have canceled my engagements and will arrange for a substitute in Primary tomorrow. I will honor my obligation to feed the missionaries by making a run through Subway this evening and combining that with a run to the store for more tissues. May I just say that the Mucinex was working within 15 minutes of my taking that first dose.

If you hear honking in North Texas today, it will not be geese heading north.

[I wonder how many doll hats I can get done today while flying low on pseudoephedrine?]

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Bonnie said...

knitting while on (prescription) drugs sounds a lot safer than operating heavy machinery. Unless you knit sharp objects into the doll hats, that could cause major injury.