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Saturday, October 07, 2006

Tweed-le-de-dee! (Updated slightly)

With apologies to both Scarlett O'Hara and Tweedledum.

Not sure what this wants to be when it grows up, but into the stash it goes! Call me stubborn and a hold-out, but this is the first time I've been tempted to buy anything Rowan. It just never appealed to me before. But this, oh my! Soft as a baby's tush, and the perfect color to go with my new lace-embellished floral vintagey-looking T-shirt from WallyWorld.

I'm thinking socks, I'm thinking subversive, and I'm thinking I'll be having loads of fun researching a pattern online and probably coming up with my own...

And I just proved a wild-eyed hunch correct: that if I go into the "edit HTML" mode on my primary blog [that would be The Ravelled Sleave] and copy the code, it will transport nicely to *this* venue [that would be Tweedingalong]. ^5's all around!

Posted to this point on 10/1 to "Tweedingalong". Updated today with photos of the sock in progress.

OK, this is what I've come up with: the love child of "Thuja" and the Sock of Doom, femmed up with the merest hint of lace. I have inserted spiraling eyelets into the 3/1 seed stitch rib and am planning to reverse the spiral on the second sock. You can see the eyelets because we got creative and rolled up one of BittyBit's bibs and stuffed it into the sock.

My first thought on the heel flap was to do it entirely in seed stitch, to carry down the seed stitch rib into the foot. I'm inordinately fond of this seed stitch rib.

But then I realized that it would probably not make for a graceful heel turning, so I came up with this: an insertion of seed stitch into a stockinette-on-the-edges heel flap. A nod to tradition (cue Tevye) and a stronger nod to sheer bulldog stubbornness, LOL. Stand on your head to see what it will look like on my foot; the light was better this way. I was so pleased that we were able to capture the texture in this shot.

And here's a profile of the happy heel turning.

I mostly like this yarn. I like its softness, and I like that it's easier to get gauge with this yarn than with anything I've ever used before. Must be the alpaca. It knits up nearly as swiftly as the Swedish DK in my first outbound Socks of Doom. And I'm not having to dangle my project once or twice a round in order to untwist an overtwist in the yarn. I really really really like that!

What I'm not crazy about is the flatness of the stitches. They are beautifully, perfectly uniform, and they also seem verging-on-comatose. I'm used to a lot more sproing in my yarn, even if it drives me nuts.

But I may have just come up with a name for these socks. The Stepford Socks?

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Angeluna said...

Very nice socks, Lynn. Love the heel!