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Thursday, July 19, 2007

Does my left arm look 50# longer than the other one?

It is very early Thursday morning. On Saturday I put LittleBit on a plane for her sister’s in Virginia, just in time to help Middlest celebrate her 24th birthday. The apartment was astonishingly quiet all weekend. I finished listening to Frankenstein and am well into one of the Cat Who… books.

We had something of an adventure at the airport on Saturday. I wasn’t able to pull up online which gate we needed, just the terminal. So I parked at one end, and we discovered to our dismay that she needed to be at the other end. Mr. Murphy and his law must be back from their summer vacation.

We had to walk back outside and lug two suitcases about twenty-five miles, and we got her checked in just minutes after the deadline. This meant that after I waved her through security, I got to lug her big suitcase twenty-five miles back to the car and decant the contents into a box that once held 10 reams of copy paper.

Brother Sushi was kind enough to send it on its way for me Monday morning; there’s a lasagna dinner in it for him, as well as whatever he paid for shipping. After I dropped the box off at his place, I drove around the corner to the bookstore, where I had a coupon that was about to expire. I came home with Eat Pray Love and The Hitchhiker’s Guide.

My social calendar is filling up rapidly in her absence: dinner Monday night with my best friend and her family. Knit night on Tuesday. Ratatouille [the movie, not the stew] with a girlfriend last night. Church work tonight, and one of my friends is going to be in town. We are hoping to get together for a quick visit after that. A quiet evening at home on Friday, and Firstborn’s birthday party and karaoke-fest to kick off Saturday night, with an old-folks’ dance for dessert.

I think that ought to keep me out of the pool halls, at least for one week!

LittleBit and I had a mother-daughter moment at church a couple of weeks ago. She doesn’t like animal print fabrics and accessories any better than I do. I know maybe half a dozen women who can wear them without looking “hey sailor”. Mostly we just roll our eyes and try not to giggle.

But about six months ago, I saw one of the most proper ladies at church accessorizing a tailored denim dress with a surprisingly conservative leopard print scarf. And I thought, “Hmm, that actually looks good. And I have that brown silk georgette skirt and that denim shirt jacket, and maybe I can find a scarf that pulls them together.” I found it on eBay, a Harvé Benard scarf in aqua and pale yellow and several shades of green, primarily paisleys with just a bit of leopard print meandering through the middle of it. And I won it!

LittleBit ran into Fourthborn and her fiancé while shopping one weekend; he bought her these on clearance:

Looks like we need to take a few minutes to sweep the carpet [*blushing*]. I’m really old-fashioned about what is an acceptable gift from a man. I wouldn’t have let one of her guyfriends buy shoes for her, but the fiancé is family and has been for years, and they were on sale for $10. So this satisfied the “not-boyfriend” and “not-expensive” rules.

I wore the scarf and top to church that Sunday with my basic black skirt; LittleBit wore the shoes with a classic pencil skirt and her [bought on clearance] silk/cashmere sweater. It’s *cold* in our chapel, so we are the Queens of Layering. Probably nobody else noticed that we had a subtle mother-daughter thing going on, but we had fun with it.

Oh. You want knitting content? How about this?

Just a wee bit of Swallowtail Shawl; not so much as you’d notice. I drove to the LYS after work yesterday and picked up an Addi Turbo in their 47” length, and an Addi Lace in 32”. At the moment I'm using my Clover 16” needles, which are behaving better than you would think, though I think I’ll bypass the Clover 24” needle entirely. This, for those of you who tuned in late, is Schaeffer’s Anne, and I’m knitting it on 4’s.

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