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Five years into widowhood, after one year of incredible happiness and nearly 14 years of single blessedness. Have given up perfect manicures and pretty hands in order to resume playing the soprano recorder and to see if I can figure out how to play bluegrass banjo. Singing in the shower. Still really, *really* love to knit!

Sunday, July 01, 2007

Finished Object!

Here's where we were at 7:33am. A golf ball sized puff of yarn remained, and it's obvious that I won't be using all 679 beads that I laboriously strung onto this yarn two weeks ago. Which means that soon, very soon, I will be slipping beads off the end and shepherding them back into their box.

The scarf was approximately 39” long, unblocked, and I'd used 352 beads to that point, or just over half. [Which means that I can knit another scarf using some sort of denim-colored yarn to further coordinate my coppery-gold-stitched denim shirt-jacket with my brown paisley silk skirt. I think the leftover slate blue Gloss from Brother Sushi's tie might be the perfect yarn for the job. Maybe I should just slip the leftover beads off this yarn and directly onto the other?]

And here's where we were at 12:32pm, after three hours of church. A total of 384 beads; approximately 6” in width and 44” in length before blocking.

It took me less time to transfer the beads from from one yarn to the other than it did to remember where I had stowed the needle threaders for safekeeping. And what was my mental soundtrack while searching? Oh, Where is My Hairbrush? from Veggie Tales.

Was that close, or what? That, my friends, is one measly inch of yarn gasping for breath at the end of the binding-off. Yes, it needs its ends woven in. And yes, it needs a good blocking. But to all intents and purposes, this scarf is done.

And no, I'm not starting the other one today.

But at Tan's request, here is The Birthday Meme:

This is The Birthday Meme. It isn't knitting, but it's educational.Go to Wikipedia and into the search field type the month and date of your birthday (not the year). Then share with the world:
  • Three events
  • Two births
  • One holiday

  • She finished with “You are actually supposed to tag five people. So all five of you who read my blog, consider yourselves tagged.” Silly girl, there have to be way more than five of us who read her. I think I found her from a post or comment on Mason-Dixon Knitting.

    Here are my three events:
  • 1397 - Geoffrey Chaucer tells the Canterbury Tales for the first time at the court of Richard II. Chaucer scholars have also identified this date (in 1387) as when the book's pilgrimage to Canterbury starts.
  • 1521 - Martin Luther speaks to the assembly at the Diet of Worms, refusing to recant his teachings.
  • 1964 - The Ford Motor Company unveils the Ford Mustang at the New York World's Fair.

  • And my two births:
  • 1837 - J.P. Morgan, American financier (d. 1913) [with whom I have nothing in common, other than that he died the year my mother was born].
  • 1918 - William Holden, American actor (d. 1981) [Anybody besides me remember that scene from Picnic where he was chopping wood, and all the biddies were scandalized because he'd taken his shirt off? *fanning, fanning*]

  • And my holiday:
  • World Hemophilia Day
  • Easter, every few years. I love it when that happens!
    • Church today was even better than usual. One of those days when the Spirit was very much present, and I spent half the time knitting and the other half wiping my eyes.


      Tan said...

      Wow, you have some famous names in your birthday list!

      The amusing thing about church today here was the music. The opening song was the Star Spangled Banner, so the chorister had everyone rise. This meant that no one could see her. So I was faithfully following her and playing the organ pretty loudly so people should have been able to hear. But my daughter and her family are here for the summer now, and her husband is an opera singer. He took what he calls "the ingrained tempo," which is inevitably slower than what a chorister wants. So everyone was singing with him, and I was playing with the chorister, and we didn't stay together much. Oddly the closing hymn was worse, even though people could see the chorister. I think I wasn't loud enough. I bought a book on organ registration. I will see if I can figure it out on my own. If not, I will take more lessons.

      Jerry said...

      I thought I would respond to your comment here so I know you would see it. :)
      Sorry to hear about all the rain and flooding. Hope you are dancing between the rain drops and staying dry. My wife and I enjoy the way the moonlight makes a trail of glittering diamonds to some far off place. We used to have a long distance relationship and would both stand on oposite coast and see the moonlite trails and knew they lead to each other. I know it's a little over the top, but we held onto what we could while we were so far apart. Now when the moon shines on the ocean it remind us of the wonderful memories that brought us to where we are now. As far as another man who knits? We are few and far between but if I find one, do you have any request for a specific colorway? Hey if we include extra yarn, a flashlight and some DPNs, maybe he can finish some socks for you since he will have some time on his hands while in transit. Thanks for the comment on the socks, they were my babies and now I'm on the the next pair... The Shrew was not so Wee really, I'm 6'5" and the Apron was well recieved this morning. OK now to respond to your post. You know what happens when you have an inch of yarn left over when you bind off? I Consider it good Karma from living in a way that is rewarding in more ways than one.

      The Birthday Meme was really interesting and I will take this as my Tag to post it later this week. Have a wonderful week!

      Jo at Celtic Memory Yarns said...

      Wow, was that a close-run thing on the scarf! Can't wait to see it blocked and beautiful.

      Angeluna said...

      Sorry for all your rain problems. We missed you today. I got talked into the birthday meme, too. But I couldn't stop at 3 and 2. It was interesting looking things up.

      Wow, that scarf was a photo finish, wasn't it? You asked if the undulating rib would be good for your airy socks. I would think probably yes. On small needles. I'm liking the pattern, and actually could cast on less stitches than normal, which I hope lets me stretch the yarn a bit farther.