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Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Merry Christmas, All Y'all!

I think this might have been the latest that I have ever slept in on Christmas morning. It makes up, at least in part, for having wakened at 3:00 yesterday! LittleBit snoozed until 10:00 or so; this may well be the last Christmas that she sleeps under my roof.

I did the last of the food shopping yesterday, most of it on the way to work, and the perishables on my way home. We closed up shop an hour early, which I was not at all expecting after having done the same on Friday. There is fudge to nosh on, made by LittleBit and her best friend the other night. I was sorely tempted to have a slice of pumpkin pie for breakfast, but I made myself wait until tonight.

I haven’t written much this week, as I’ve been working on one project or another. I finished attaching the lining of Brother Sushi’s tie.

I am almost in love with the silk thread I used. It glided through the yarn and the lining fabric with no snags or snarls. Well worth the extra money that I paid, and now I understand why my sister uses silk thread for the hand-pieced and appliquéd parts of her quilts.

Yesterday after work and shopping and a quick bite to eat, I drove over to Fort Worth to help Secondborn with a project. BittyBit’s big gift this year is a wooden dollhouse that’s taller than she is, suitable for the hand-me-down Barbie [properly naked in the photo below] that she got earlier this year and the new ones that Santa brought for Christmas. They’d kept it out in the garage, covered over with blankets and tarps.

Secondborn wanted a cover for it, both to minimize the need to dust and to prevent BittyBit from playing with it instead of napping, once they’ve reassembled it in her room. We went fabric-shopping Saturday night but didn’t find anything suitable on the remnant table at JoAnn’s. After I went home, Secondborn found the perfect fabric on sale for a dollar a yard [!] at Wally World.

So last night after the Bitties were asleep, we cut out the panels, and I installed a 100” sleeping bag zipper into what will become the front panel. We hoped to get the side seams put in this afternoon, while BittyBit napped after dinner, but my own need for a nap put that off. So either Wednesday night or Thursday sometime [I’m taking the day off, more on that tomorrow or Thursday] we will do the vertical seams for the sides and the angled seams for the gables and the last seam at the roofline and cut off the excess zipper. We designed it with a separating zipper so that the pull will be up out of BittyBit’s reach until she’s old enough that she no longer needs a nap.

All bets are off as to how long before she figures out how to stand on something nearby and reach that zipper pull! The house is on casters, so they may have to rotate that side toward her bedroom wall at naptime. She’s one smart little cookie, but she doesn’t yet have the oomph to turn it back around.

Dinner was terrific, as usual. Firstborn made all the casseroles. Her hubby was originally going to fry the turkey, but his face and hands had a slight disagreement with a dirt bike and a wooden fence last night...

...so *she* was the one who had to put her hand up the turkey’s tush and pull out its neck and the other disgusting parts. I did my sweet potatoes, two pie pans’ worth so there would be no washing-up, and took over two pumpkin pies and a carton of Cool Whip, which we didn’t stay to eat. That’s OK, there’s a pie just for LittleBit and me waiting in our fridge.

Best memory? BittyBubba [who appears to be teething] gnawing on the finger of Fourthborn’s fiancé until we dipped his bink in some leftover gravy and popped it in. That baby boy is pure-dee Texan, all right, and the first baby *ever* to like Fiancé.

Best news? Middlest’s hubby is home safely from Iraq. I got to talk to both of them after I woke from my nap. Second-best news? I have won my sister over to the dark side. She loves the Jitterbug that I sent her for Christmas and is about ready to tackle her first pair of socks. One of her quilting friends also leads a sock-of-the-month group, so she’ll be in good hands. I capped off my diabolical plan by telling her to sign up on Ravelry.


Anne from Knitspot sent me her recipe for that amazing salad with oranges and olives, and I’ve saved a variation of it in my recipe box at Epicurious.com. I’m sure that if you ask her nicely, she’ll send you the recipe too, or maybe she’ll just post it on her blog. I’m going to get some blood oranges and kalamata olives and the fish I want for another recipe at Central Market when I go back to FW on Thursday. [I think I’m going to pass on the anchovies; I’ve gone 55 years without eating one, why start now?] And there is a recipe in Domestic Goddess for a “pie” which is Arborio rice, zucchini [ewww! I only like zucchini when it is hidden and indistinguishable in something] and garbanzo beans baked in phyllo, which I can’t wait to try.

Happy Christmas to all, and to all a good night!

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Tan said...

Happy Christmas to ally'all! Sounds like you had a great day, too.