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Sunday, November 04, 2012

He’s home. ♥ And we’re gone again.

They released him from the hospital on Friday afternoon. I was up to my ears in alligators, so one of our friends fetched him and brought him home. Friday was payday. I picked up something for dinner -- don’t remember what -- oh yeah, finger lickin’ chicken for him, and tenders for me, and he ate maybe half of his and went to bed. I basically inhaled mine. I am not a big fan of fried chicken, and I definitely no longer like meat on the bone. Any kind of meat on any kind of bone. But the tenders smelled fantastic (hunger and exhaustion being the best spice) and I didn’t have to clean up the kitchen.

Yesterday we dropped Lorelai off for an oil change and lube, ran by Jack in the Box to try one of their new waffle breakfast sandwiches (amazingly good) and then to an Eagle court of honor for one of our young friends. I have been to two Eagle courts of honor since marrying Beloved. It’s a big deal: only 2% of Scouts, worldwide, ever have the gumption to make Eagle. Beloved had multiple scoutmasters growing up (military family) so never quite made it, but all three of the boys made Eagle. One of the things I love, is that the moms get a pin to wear in recognition of all they do to rear a son who is worthy to be an Eagle Scout. After the presentation to the parents (dads get a pin, too, and I’m not belittling that), then the Scout gets to recognize people who have mentored him. Beloved was honored on both of these occasions.

Yesterday he was the first honoree mentioned, after his parents. Instant tears for Ms. Ravelled. My feelings are very much on the surface after the week we have had (the happy ones every bit as much as the ones I am trying to wrangle into submission), and I suspect I will sit and weep in relief all through sacrament meeting today. If that doesn’t put me there, the music for the Primary program (our penultimate practice is today) will.

I have been working on the ruana this week, when I have had time to knit. It is coming along beautifully. Yesterday around 2:00am when I was up and about, I reorganized the yarns into color families in their gallon Ziploc bags. Why that didn’t occur to me before, I can’t say, but among other things it shows me where I have holes in the colors I am using. I definitely need more of a particular shade of green, and one of the fancy specialty yarns my sister gave me, has either gone missing or I used it up and don’t remember. Either is distinctly possible.

Beloved’s right leg is looking and feeling significantly better than when he went into the hospital. He has a new, improved anticoagulant and is taking the diuretic religiously, and he’s almost where we want him to be.

You should have seen us at Costco yesterday. Mel and Squishy pulled up just as we got home from the court of honor, and they stayed while Beloved catnapped. Then the four of us trooped up to Costco. I had the riding cart for 90% of our shopping, and Beloved took it on the home stretch. We both got exercise, neither of us wore ourselves out, and the kids were our happy, exuberant minions.

“Minion! Fetch me a sample of that, if you please!”

“Yes ma’am!” Much hilarity ensued.

This is the part where I get ready for church and figure out what small project to take for church knitting, because the ruana is getting huge, and discreet is the last adjective I would choose to describe it.

Thank you for your prayers, positive thoughts, et al. We feel them. ♥ Heading back to MD Anderson after church today. (And I haven’t mislaid my cell phone in two days!)

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