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Friday, December 07, 2012

The storage tub lied. Blatantly.

And with a perfectly straight face. It said “Christmas 2,” so either I moved two tubs named “Christmas 2” over from the duplex, or I just assumed that the box which was neither “Christmas 1” nor “Christmas 3,” and which contained a plethora of Christmas goodies, was “Christmas 2.”

At any rate, when I popped off the lid, what to my wondering eyes should appear but the bowl to my Kitchenaid mixer, my red enameled paper towel holder (now, sadly, superfluous), a pot lid organizing rack (the kind you attach to a wall or the inside of a cupboard door), a mostly empty plastic container with whole wheat flour, which has almost certainly become rancid in the interim and will be transferred to the trash forthwith.

That, of course, was last weekend. Since then, there have been adventures. I hung the draperies in the dining room window. I had my presidency meeting. We went to tithing settlement. I have been the queen of Looking Busy at work most of the week, and then yesterday, after an overnight upgrade to our system, suddenly it took two to five minutes to save a document. Everything was slow, from Outlook to Word to our document creation system to our calendaring system. I was the only one, I think, not muttering childbirth words, because I had my knitting: rename a document, knit half a dozen stitches while I waited, put down the knitting, save the document into our calendaring system, knit a few more stitches, rinse and repeat. It took me over an hour to deal with a dozen pieces of mail. Sure hope the techies have fixed the problem by the time I get to my desk today, or it’s gonna be a long one.

After work I scooted over to Fort Worth to pick up my friend Alison, who is in town visiting the in-laws. We went to the public library, where I (belatedly) turned in my old library card. No fines, huzzah! From there past the duplex, and then to MadTosh Crafts, that wonderful yarn shop and fabric store that opened up in the old paint store a few blocks from the duplex.

My friend Angeluna was there. I introduced them. Alison shopped happily, while I caught up with Angeluna. She lost a son to cancer recently, and she reads the blog, so she knows what’s going on in my world. More to the point, she knows what’s going on in my world. And she gave me some excellent advice, which I am putting on my honey-do list for myself.

She also pointed out Amy, who is Madeleine Tosh. I was in the mood to be a little silly, so I walked over to Amy and asked her to please extend her arm, which she did. I respectfully reached out and touched her sleeve, then grinned and told her I was going to blog that I had touched the sleeve of Madeleine Tosh! And probably put it on Facebook as well. After we both stopped laughing, I told her how much I enjoyed her color sense, and her shop, and that I would definitely be coming back as soon as Beloved’s sweater is finished.

Which it is closer to being. I am now a little over twelve inches up the side and am about ready to splice on ball number six, out of the ten I originally purchased. I think I will have at least one full ball leftover when I’m done. Maybe two.

I paid two bills this morning, and now it is time to put on my shoes and grab my lunch and ease on down, ease on down the road. Next up? I have a bone to pick with James Taylor, a/k/a Sweet Baby James.

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AlisonH said...

We had such a good time, all of us. Thank you so much.