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Thursday, December 27, 2012

Weeping and wailing and ganache-ing of teeth.

Have you ever tried to sincerely thank someone for a gift that you very much appreciate but cannot use? After some discussion with Beloved, this is what I came up with:

Dear X, Thank you for the rum cake. ☺ There have been days in the recent past where, if I were still a drinking woman, I would have face-planted in the cake and not worried about the consequences! We have family coming in a couple of weeks who are not LDS. We will enjoy their enjoyment. ☺ So, not one crumb of cake will go to waste. ~ Ms. Ravelled and Beloved

On my way home from work last night, I stopped at Holley's Yarn Shoppe and exchanged the two remaining balls of green yarn for two in gold. Beloved says the color will do, although we both agree it is not quite Packers gold. (I nailed that green, however.) I meant to measure his waist before bedtime, so I could cast on the first fake vest front, but finish-itis took over, and I worked on the ruana instead. I have a little less than four three repeats remaining before I bind off the side edge and pick up the stitches for the neckband. I might very well have a completed ruana before the weekend is over.

Or, I might not. It’s difficult to predict how much knitting will get done on any given day, and BittyBit turns eight on Saturday and will be baptized, so that will be one and a half hours of drive time each way. Beloved’s eyesight is improving steadily each day (we think it’s because of the radiation treatments) but not enough yet that either of us feels comfortable with him driving on unfamiliar roads.

I am thoroughly enjoying all the Christmas chocolate and have worn my new earrings twice already.

We were supposed to go to our attorney’s office this afternoon to finalize the wills, but he had some technical difficulties, so we have rescheduled for next month.

Tomorrow Beloved and a couple of our friends are emptying out the china hutch so that one of the boys may have most of the contents and another, the hutch proper. I am hopeful that when I come home the extra set of draperies in the dining room window will be taken down and the new, combination smoke detector and carbon monoxide detector will be installed.

Three of his siblings are planning a visit next month. I hope that means the last of his mother’s stuff will go with them when they head back to California. He thinks he has found a good place to set up his exercise bike. It is almost perfectly useless to us in its present location (facing somewhat into the dining room, away from the TV, and with its seat piled high with boxes).

It has been colder than a bill collector’s heart for the past couple of days. I would expect that in February, but almost never in December. We are thankful for a warm house and adequate food. The homeless shelters over in Fort Worth are nearly full.

I think I will eat one more truffle (thus, ganache-ing my teeth before brushing them) and drag Beloved in here for prayers and a good night’s sleep. I think he overdid it again. (I need to hide his Superman T-shirt.) But it is so good to see a twinkle in his eye again, and to have him pain-free most of the time.

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