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Sunday, December 30, 2012

So, BittyBit was baptized.

BittyBubba (5) played a children’s hymn as interlude. And played it well. This is the child who begged his sister’s piano teacher for lessons, back when he was only four. I’m not saying he’s another Mozart, but he loves music, and he is willing to practice, and it shows. There is real talent there, and I am looking forward to hearing what comes flying off both their fingers as the years pass.

We had a lot of non-LDS family at the baptism: 2BDH’s dad and stepmother, his mother, Lark and Willow, to name just a few. The children’s father was there, and because he is once again temple worthy, he was able to stand (if shakily) in the circle to confirm BittyBit a member of the church. I was so happy for them both.

Beloved was not able to be there. He was home taking various meds with various side effects, and he was missed, and everybody understood that he would have been there if he could. I got a call from Secondborn on Friday night, confirming that I would be at the baptism, and she told me that BittyBit had wanted me to give one of the talks, but she (Secondborn) was not sure if that was do-able, given the excitement of last Sunday. I was very happy and honored to follow through.

I did a lot of shopping, but hardly any buying, on the way home. A styrofoam thingie to go inside one of my planters, the better to rearrange its contents. I found a brass planter that would have looked marvelous slipped over the basket which is currently supporting my big (fake) ficus tree, still out on the front porch. However, the planter was one of three that were firmly wedged together, and no amount of tugging by various people in the store could free it. I suspect that had any two of Beloved’s sons been shopping with me, they would have handled it easily.

Over the past couple of days, I have undecorated the Christmas tree, which is still on the floor in the living room by its box, waiting for one of us to have the ambition to take it apart, stuff it in the box, and schlepp it out to the garage. I have brought in the smaller, green and white variegated fake ficus, and put it where the Christmas tree was, on top of the drop-leaf table in the corner. I brought the beaded table runner out from my studio and put it on the table under the tree. I put away my folk art nativity and cleared out one of the sections in the entertainment center and moved my big glass goblets in there, along with the red and white candle holders.

I went to Shabby Sheep yesterday, hoping to spend my gift certificate from Mel and Squishy. The shop was open for just a few hours, primarily for an inventory-clearing sale, and it was a madhouse. I still haven’t gotten used to the new setup (they moved next door, from the little yellow house into a slightly larger blue one), and there were way too many people in there, so I did a quick look-around and will go back after work one day next week, or maybe during a lunch hour. So, that was a little frustrating, but only a little.

The stake president presided at BittyBit’s baptism, as the bishop had had to work, and both counselors were likewise out of pocket. This was a blessing in Southern-charm disguise, as I was finally able to figure out what has been holding up the cancellation of my sealing to the children’s father, and that information has been relayed to the person with authority to get the ball rolling.

It’s Sunday morning. Beloved is feeling well enough, and seeing sufficiently clearly, to drive himself to church. Which means that I need to get off the computer, because Lorelai is blocking the truck, and he likes to be there much earlier than I do.

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