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Three years into widowhood, after one year of incredible happiness and nearly 14 years of single blessedness. Have given up perfect manicures and pretty hands in order to resume playing the soprano recorder and to see if I can figure out how to play bluegrass banjo. Singing in the shower. Still really, *really* love to knit!

Sunday, October 23, 2016

This was supposed to be a last-night post.

However, I took a nap at 6:00 or so, slept for four hours, then remembered that I needed to hit the grocery store to replenish our bottled water and Middlest's caffeine source (for migraine relief). I took the scenic route home, by way of In N Out. Once we'd eaten, we unloaded the Tardis, and now it's 1:00am 2:00am, and I'm [still] not quite tired enough to go back to sleep, but I'm getting there.

I delayed taking my muscle relaxer and other meds until after the dash to the store, because I rather like this being-alive thing, and I don't want to harm anyone else, either.

I pre-ordered a doll from Denver Doll Emporium to be the embodiment of Joy. She should arrive in 12-18 weeks, or sometime around Valentine's Day. Another PukiFee to join Chutzpah and Grace. Grace is fully human. Chutzpah has elfie-ears. This new one is a sheeple. I couldn't resist those floppy ears.

The city delivered our new recycling bins late yesterday afternoon. I heard a THUMP-rumble-rumble repeated half a dozen times before I got curious and opened the front door. They put it square in the middle of my driveway, so I had to move it before I ran to the store. This will be a big improvement over the smallish open red bins I've been using. Less chance of wind scattering my recyclables hither and yon. And it's easier to roll a large covered bin to the curb than to schlepp two brimming boxes, especially if one of them is loaded to the gills in paper and cardboard.

I picked up more gold tissue paper in the morning and finished wrapping my sister's birthday gifts and sealed up the box to mail after work on Monday. Also bought the glass for my 4" x 28" butterfly print ~ the one where I ordered the frame online, and it came fully and perfectly assembled. I opted not to use museum glass for this print, nor the non-glare option. Just a UV-resistant clear glass because I want to be done with this and get it up on the wall in the dining room.

Speaking of things up on the walls, I finally hung one of the ceramic plates that Firstborn gave me for Christmas last year. About five minutes ago. I'm waiting to hang the second until I find a shadowbox that I like for the tile I got in RS earlier this year, because I want to hang it above the first plate and below the second.

One last random thought: the problem with ordering clothing online is that I'm now getting all the catalogues. Good thing I now have a large recycling bin.

Friday, October 21, 2016

Wrap session.

Tonight was mini pizzas for dinner, a few hands of solitaire while they baked and while visiting with Middlest afterwards, then into my room to wrap four of the five packages. I found one of my small silk scarves in my studio while looking for the last of the gold tissue paper (which I never found). So there is one box left to wrap after I make a quick trip to the party store in the morning, and then I can run the box to the post office and get it to my sister in time for her birthday. I have one last Priority Mail label and one last Priority Mail box. I've productively used up saved lengths of ribbon and one small bolt. Feeling frugal and creative and at peace with the world.

I've taken my meds and am waiting for the muscle relaxer to kick in. I fought sleep off and on all day, but now that I have an opportunity to give those impulses free rein, they are standing on the corner singing doo-wop and refusing to look me in the eye.

This was my third day of adding songs to my Eva Cassidy station. I'm skipping male vocalists at this point, but I did add one male pianist because I liked his style. So I've added a bit of Adele, a couple of Alison Krauss (skipped a couple of hers as well), decided after hearing two songs that I'm not fond of Colbie Caillat, really like kd lang's version of "Hallelujah," and Fleetwood Mac is a yes, because all I can hear is Stevie Nicks, but I don't really need three versions of "Landslide" thank you very much.

I need to go to Costco tomorrow, because I have one last dose of Zyrtec, and I will not shop on Sunday. I think I will make another pot of potato leek soup and maybe bake some cornbread. But mostly I want to read, visit with Middlest, think, and craft. This week has been more slowly paced than last week, and I'm thankful, and I would like more of the same next week. I think a gentle weekend might help to make that a reality.

And that's a wrap.

Wednesday, October 19, 2016


When Middlest and I were at the Container Store a few weeks ago, we spotted something that would be a lovely joke to include with my sister's birthday or Christmas present. I bought it after work tonight and will photograph it for a future reveal, along with the story of why it is so funny.

And I needed a pink shirt for Friday, because we're all supposed to Think Pink, and I'm fresh out. So I went online to my favorite place for layering tops, and they had one in ballet pink. After work I called the local shop to see if they had one in stock in my size. They had one left and set it aside for me. The last batch I bought were two for $30, and there was an extra sale that ends today, where I could get two for $25. So I did. I bought another dark brown shirt to replace the one which got stained a few months ago. The one where I sewed on buttons carefully in a triangular pattern from the neck and shoulders to mid-chest, alternating various values of brown buttons from one of those color-themed packs at Jo-Ann. When I tried the shirt on, I discovered that I'd not been quite as careful with button placement as I had thought. Two big light brown buttons exactly where they should not be. So I hung it up in the back of my closet where it could think about how it had tricked me. I will eventually remove the buttons, cut up the shirt into four sections, and share it with Middlest, Fourthborn, and Mel. (I just realized that if I were to have Middlest or Fourthborn doodle on it, I could say that it was hung, drawn, and quartered. A little gallows humor. Sorry not sorry.)

Tomorrow we have the monthly doctor's appointment for Middlest, after which I will drop my kid off at the house, and Squishy will come by at some point to fetch, feed, and get into mischief together.

I've begun an Eva Cassidy station on my Pandora. I was just in the mood for female voices and mellow tones. So far I've given the thumbs-up to Bonnie Raitt (oh yes, please) and an unusually mellow song by Aretha, and the thumbs-down to one and possibly two songs by Norah Jones. I adored her voice when she first began recording, but not so much in recent years. Much as I love Sweet Baby James, I passed him over, so the only guy currently on this playlist is Izzy and his version of "Over the Rainbow." I love the orchestration. I love his voice. And it makes me a little nuts (hush!) that he scrambles up the phrases. I think this station will be slow to build, because I think I want it to be almost exclusively female voices. I've come a long way from my man-bashing days. The first couple of years after divorcing the children's father, I listened to very few male singers, primarily as an antidote to all the years of unavoidable talk radio when we were married. (Which was probably his desperate attempt to counteract the estrogen-fueled atmosphere in our home.)  [Middlest nodded vigorously when I read that.]

I'm going to see how much knitting I can do before bedtime. I'm trying to re-establish my bedtime routine. I think it's hilarious that going to bed sensibly is referred to as "sleep hygiene." I'm a widow. And I bathe regularly. Come up with your own punchline.

Tuesday, October 18, 2016


Good day at work. Got my desk back under control.

Put three potatoes, a leek, and a can of chicken broth in the tiny Crock-pot before leaving for work. Middlest plugged it in around 9 or 10. The aroma bowled me over when I walked in the door tonight. All that remained was to stir some cornstarch into some half and half, add it to the pot, and wait a bit. Two generous servings for dinner, and a small one to take for lunch tomorrow.

After dinner, we hopped in the Tardis and hit three game shops for Pokemon codes for Middlest, Fourthborn, Squishy, and M back in Tennessee.

I added maybe two rounds to the current baby sock.

We skipped Knit Night.

And my eyelids are getting heavy, which I take as a good sign.

That's all I've got for you tonight.

Monday, October 17, 2016

Feed His sheep? Sure!

Woke up this morning well ahead of the chickens, to head downtown an hour earlier than normal so that I could meet five coworkers and help serve breakfast at the cafe which is operated by a downtown church in conjunction with the homeless shelter. For a little over an hour, I filled glass after glass of milk. I think I emptied at least a dozen tall pitchers. We fed over 400 people. It was a lovely, tender, energizing, and intermittently hilarious event. I want to do this again.

One guy told me, "Just one more glass, and then no more. I gotta drive, and I don't want to be pulled over for driving under the influence of milk." I told him that I've been really lucky, because I've never gotten caught, and I'm definitely guilty.

At another table, the guy on my left looked up and grinned, "Hey, you gave him more milk than me." I looked down at the two of them, grinned back, and told them they were just like my kids. And then I told them about how, when the kids were little, I had to divide up the Easter M&Ms by color and make sure that nobody got one more than a sibling. (Bonus: I got to eat the extras.)

I should have taken my pedometer (not that I know where it is), because I'm pretty sure that I got my 10,000 steps in. If I had been standing in the serving line, I'd probably be pretty miserable by now, but because I kept moving nothing really hurts, and it was relatively easy to put my sneakers back on at the end of the day.

I also had a reasonably productive day at work. I didn't get everything done, but I got a lot done. And that will just have to do.

I ate breakfast around 5:30, before leaving the house, and by the time I finished my shift at the cafe, I had blown through all of those calories. I got a plate at the deli (eggs, bacon, biscuit) washed down with a pint of orange juice, and that lasted me until lunchtime at 1:00. At which point I went back to the deli and got a single puff pastry filled with (really) spicy beef, because I didn't want a large lunch after two breakfasts. Around 3:00 I inhaled the muffin half that I'd brought to work, and now that I'm home, I'm eating a ginormous salad.

It is wonderful to feel awake and clear-headed at 7:15p.m. I hope that I can wind down enough to go to sleep in two or three or however many hours.

Friday, October 14, 2016

Oh hi! And Plan B.

I really am trying to blog every day, but we went to IKEA last night, and all three of us came home exhausted. Middlest bolted for the middle bedroom, I went into my room and closed the door, and Fourthborn communed with her laptop.

I slept until approximately my usual waking time and woke up feeling human again. Both kids slept until approximately noon. So I had a quiet morning of reading and snacking and knitting. The third section of the Geology Shawl is finished, and when I post this I will commence the fourth section.

I'd been looking forward to tonight's bluegrass festival ever since it popped up on my calendar, but as it rained off and on all morning, and while I ran to Costco and the grocery store early this afternoon, I decided it would be wiser to go to the doll meet with my kids. I took Blessing. Fourthborn took Xavin, and Middlest took Orion and Twinkle. We all had a good time visiting with other doll folk until Pie Five turned up the music around 9:00, when Middlest signed "finish" and we picked up our stuff and left.

I did more or less finish the cuff of the current baby sock while we were out. I will probably finish the sock while at the singles conference tomorrow, or at the adult session of stake conference tomorrow night.

If I were a sensible woman, I'd go to bed right now, but I just finished the last of my pizza, and it needs to settle if I don't want to wake up in two hours with a crabby stomach. So I'll play a hand or two of solitaire, noodle around on Facebook, and go knit until it's safe to be horizontal.

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Feeling mischievous.

I discovered the perfect thing for one of the few people who actually gets a birthday gift from me these days. And that's all I'm going to say for now.

Had dinner with one of my visiting teach-ees tonight. Mediterranean, and I brought home hummus (which will go to work with me tomorrow) and the other half of my gyro. It was good to catch up with her. We are planning another dinner in January, after the holiday madness is over.

I am two and a half rows away from finishing this section of the Geology Shawl chart. (There are three rows of garter stitch after every chart. I'm not counting those.) If I'm lucky, I'll finish the half-row tonight. My body is screaming for sleep, and I intend to be in bed before this hour is up.

Work went well. I have four cases this week that are pending closed, and I did the initial tasks on all four over the past two days.

I washed a load of whites this morning and got them into the dryer before leaving for work. I just emptied the dryer and brought the basket inside. Pretty sure that nothing is getting folded before I go to bed tonight.

And that's all she wrote.