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Monday, September 04, 2006

BittyBit's Bitty Socks

LittleBit suggested the title.

I am stunned into [relative] silence at how quickly and easily a pair of socks for a toddler fly into being.

You saw the first sock in its pregnant-God's-eye phase, last Tuesday.

When I went to bed that night, I was -- I hoped -- ready to begin the heel shaping. Wednesday I cast on the second sock. When I came home from work Thursday night, the second sock was also in the vicinity of her ankles.

Before we left for quilt class on Saturday morning, we slipped the socks on her dear, fat little feet. And took pictures, lots of pictures. However, they did not turn out, as she was having way too much fun waving her feet with their halos of needles. It is a miracle that we got the socks on and off without dropping any stitches or breaking any needles.

Last night I turned the heel on one sock. This morning I finished the heel and added 20 rounds of K2P2 ribbing.

We dashed over to Fort Worth to try the sock on before she took her nap. She balked at the needles, so I ripped them out and wrestled the sock onto her *tired* dear, fat little foot. It fit! And then I spent 15 minutes retrieving stitches and reloading needles.

And in the process broke one of my Crystal Palace DP's. Entirely my own fault: I was waving a handful of them around, and jabbed myself in the thigh. I'm just thankful that only one of them broke. My thigh is Teflon, or Kryptonite. It's not even bruised.

Frugal wench that I am, I grabbed the sandpaper when I got home and tried to repoint that needle, to no avail. So now I have 9 CP DP's, instead of 10. Enough to knit two socks at a go, if the working needle commutes from sock to sock. At least I tried.

Secondborn will be emailing me picture(s) later; she's spent a good part of the day studying.

I added five more rounds of ribbing on the sock and then used the same crochet cast-off as for mine. Haven't cut the yarn yet; am reserving the right to go back and add another 10 rounds or so, depending upon how much is left when I bring the second sock to this point. I'm just turning the heel as we speak.

It's been a good day, even if I have nothing more than verbiage to give you.

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