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Saturday, September 16, 2006

Lace, Lace, Babyyyy!

Since BittyBit's Bitty Socks are *done*, I'm knitting the Elann Crop Cardi with my Denim Silk. I was so impressed with Jo's sweater http://celticmemoryyarns.blogspot.com/2006/09/finished-finished-finished-and-knits.html that I went to Elann's website and printed off the pattern.

Conventional wisdom says that you don't make lace with a tweed yarn, and I do realize that most of the lace detail will disappear into the texture. I didn't just fall off the yarn truck, you know! But I like the shape of the jacket, and I like the feel of the fabric.

This will also allow me to make a sweater from ten balls of discontinued Berroco without incorporating other yarns. Sometimes I don't want to tarantella with Signor Fibonacci.

And then there is my stash of pearl beads left over from Firstborn's wedding gown, for beading the bottom. Pearls and tweed: a classic combination!

At this point, I'm on my fourth ball of yarn, my final size of needles, and probably at the underarm; I've been so busy with non-essentials that I haven't had time to slip the live stitches onto a narrow ribbon and try this baby on.

Needles I have used: I started with my old Quicksilver 5's, and after four rows I realized that no way was this going to fit around my neck. I got the right swatch on 5's, but when I began the real thing, the Swatch Muse got the hiccups or something, so I frogged back to the first slip knot and started over on my Quicksilver 6's. Some improvement, but still too small. Back to the slip knot for try #3, with Quicksilver 7's. Bingo! When it was time to switch to 8's, that's when I realized that all my size 8's are gone with the wind. I had just enough time to hit a LYS in Fort Worth and then make a 5pm appointment at my church. They had Addi Turbo's, but no Natura's. So I reluctantly bought the Turbo's and tried to knit with my fingers crossed for luck. I really didn't enjoy that part of the sweater, though I might like the needles just fine with another yarn. I borrowed Student Coworker #1's size 9 Holz & Stein's in some exotic wood that I'm too lazy to lookup online. Cherry? Rosewood? Very pretty, and the perfect antidote to 4" of the knitting equivalent of a skid on black ice. I'm finishing on Natura 10's, and I love them. I bought 8's while I was at it.

I am really enjoying this sweater. I can't believe how quickly it's knitting up, and I think I will have just enough yarn to do the sleeves and the body and the gallop of crochet around the neck and fronts. It may end up being the Elann Non-Crop Cardi if my yarn holds out. Am really hoping that I don't end up sitting on a bajillion little pearl beads, not to mention the teardrop pearls that I think will finish the points.

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