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Friday, March 02, 2007

How many lawyers does it take...

To replace one intermittently humble receptionist? Nine, apparently, with one or two more for backup. What I have been doing this week, in lieu of my regular duties and/or in addition to them, is training our legal eagles to answer the phones, deal with the incoming faxes, and sort and open the mail.

Why am I doing this? About three weeks ago, all the attorneys took a one-day class to help them better balance their worklife and homelife. No attorneys in the office = much clearing of backlogs by their respective secretaries and paralegals. The attorneys came back to us the next day, refreshed and reinspired. The support staff was ready to welcome them back.

On Monday it's *our* turn. The attorneys, capable folks all, will be running the show. Which means that every hour on the hour, a new one will be sitting at my desk, doing what I do. With the possible exception of flirting with some of the spiffier couriers.

Doesn't sound all that difficult, does it?

I think the timing of this is excellent: after the powers-that-be have completed my performance review, and before we discuss the size of my bonus.

I came home on Wednesday after having trained five of them for one hour each, feeling [in the cowboy vernacular] as if I'd been "rode hard and put up wet". I only trained one of them yesterday and was actually able to knock out some of the work in my in-basket. (I also scan and clean all the discovery that doesn't come to us on a floppy or CD.) One of them bought me lunch.

I "only" have to train three of them today, one of them my managing attorney, who is truly a joy and a delight. I am nevertheless stopping off at the deli on the parking level and stocking up on Hershey's Special Dark.

Film at 11.

The 0000 project is nearing completion, and I am looking forward to working on LittleBit's cardi this weekend, since I will not be dancing or going to quilt class. And I may have a surprise for the lot of you, but no promises...

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