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Friday, March 30, 2007

Random Thoughts

Random thought: It probably doesn’t make much sense to wash down a multi-vitamin and a fish oil capsule with Cherry Coke.

One of my Sisters of the Wool gave me the link to this website, so I can compare the yardage of designer-specified yarns with yarns that I can actually afford and make sure I order enough on the first bounce: http://www.yarndex.com/

The yarn that Fiona Ellis used for LittleBit's Celtic Icon hoodie is not listed on this site, as it's a very small company. So I looked in the back of Inspired Cable Knits and found the yarn company's website and did a little sleuthing. And the calculations that KnitPicks made, *should* have worked. This yarn is a little heavier than the yarn specified in the pattern: 210 yards per 100gm, as opposed to 250 yards per 100gm. And KnitPicks allowed for that, quite generously I hasten to add.

So I guess I won't be calling them indignantly and insisting on free shipping when I order more black yarn to finish my sleeves and make the side panels, LOL. Because this sure looks like operator error. I'm not sure what's going on, as my vertical gauge is perfect, and my horizontal gauge is nearly so. Must be one of those “your mileage may vary” things.

I ordered six more balls of the black today, which ought to be more than enough to finish the two sleeves and whip up the side panels. Regrettably, it's a different dye lot, so I'll get to teach my knitting students/buddies at the office how to work around that.

Meanwhile, I have cast on the two fronts and am galloping along on them, as they are narrow rectangles until I approach the underarm and neckline shapings. The purple yarn appears to be a bit lighter grist than the black; my gauge is infinitesimally tighter than on the sleeves. I wonder if it's due to the dyes used or if it's just more “your mileage may vary”. I am hoping to have enough of the purple to finish the job. I figure that if I get to the top of these fronts and have used half or more of the yarn, I'm in trouble.

More random thoughts, excerpted from my quarterly report on the status of the petty cash fund to my office manager and the managing attorney:
Here is the report for first quarter 2007. We are, unaccountably, 40cents long. I suspect this is due to change that [my backup] or I have found on the lobby floor over the past couple of months. It might be money overpaid in change by our perpetually malfunctioning junk food machines and returned to us by delightfully honest coworkers. [It might even be the tooth fairy. Your guess is as good as mine.]

I do what I can to bring a certain whimsy to office life.

Fiberjoy, I responded to your query under your last comment.

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