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Wednesday, April 04, 2007

The color isn't true here, but it shows the pattern nicely. I like working with this yarn [Telemark, from KnitPicks] as much as *most* people like working with Cascade 220.

When I snapped these, I had just finished two pattern repeats. I'll be two rows shy of four full repeats when I start the triangular flappies for the armscye shaping. This is a better approximation of the actual color:

Not quite a royal purple, not exactly fuchsia or magenta. But a lot more purple than their "aubergine", which resembles no eggplant I've ever seen!

This is where I ran out of black:

I ordered more yarn from KnitPicks on Friday. And I repeat that it was not *their* error which caused me to run short. By the original specifications and their calculations, I should have had plenty.

And here's a closeup of the armscye shaping on the sleeve.

The pattern specifies 4.0mm needles, or American size 6. I'm using an Addi 1, which is approximately an American 1.5.

At posting, I am just shy of three pattern repeats in the purple. And I am loving this pattern. Possibly enough to knit one for myself after I've finished a dozen or so other projects. We'll see if I feel that way after inserting the zipper, LOL.

Still no bluebonnet pictures for you. Maybe this weekend. I know, I said that two weeks ago, didn't I?

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