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Thursday, June 28, 2007

Rains, Stains, Drains and Gains

What to my wondering eyes should appear this morning, but an out-of-place wastebasket, a patch of damp carpet, and this?

Those are not two fugitives from a pair of smiley faces. Those are the approximate outlines of the curves on the ceiling tiles. More rain last night + a flat roof = a call to the building engineers, who removed the soggy tiles and the soggier insulation and replaced it with this for the time being:

No, it’s not a still. Or an IV drip for an feverish ceiling. That tube runs through the doorway of our conference room and into a large plastic barrel. There’s another contraption just like this, just inside the door. It rained all day, so all they could do was give the water someplace to go.

The Trinity River is high and wide from all this rain, and quite possibly as muddy as the Muddy Mississippi. I'd guess that it's about 15-20 feet from the top of the levees. The Weather Service says that a flash flood watch remains in effect through Friday afternoon. This looks like the wettest June on record. I wonder if the drought is officially broken yet?

Shopping content: six new T-shirts, identical but for color, on sale at my favorite plus-size shop. One in dark chocolate, one in a pumpkin a little darker than the T-shirt which inspired the Rust Fibonacci Sweater [which T-shirt got perma-stained earlier this year and was sadly retired], a not-quite-acid green shirt, a black one, an almost-true-red one, redder for sure than the one that's about halfway in hue between the pumpkin one and this, which I'm thinking about buying if it's still on sale next week, and a pale yellow one that as you can see is a perfect match for the scarf in progress.

Much progress. I've been too whipped to go back out and do laundry after work in the evening, so I really needed some new shirts. And we've been watching four new videos that I think I mentioned in yesterday's blog? which means lots of time for knitting.

Love the yarn, love the pattern, love the beads, love the whole experience, and am still keeping one eye peeled for the wrath of the Knitting Fairy.

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