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Five years into widowhood, after one year of incredible happiness and nearly 14 years of single blessedness. Have given up perfect manicures and pretty hands in order to resume playing the soprano recorder and to see if I can figure out how to play bluegrass banjo. Singing in the shower. Still really, *really* love to knit!

Sunday, September 02, 2007

Family News and Knitterly Stuff

He was just this good, and this mellow, all through sacrament meeting last week. Never let out a peep during his blessing, slept in his father’s hands as 2BDH held him up for the congregation to see, and snoozed when we photographed the tribe between meetings.

Unlike BittyBit, over-stimulated by the presence of so many of the people she loves. [We filled an entire pew with not a centimeter to spare. I can only imagine what it’s going to be like five to ten years from now, when we are blessing LittleBit’s children.] We had some auditory flashbacks to when LittleBit was this age.

Her parents were able to get her calmed quickly, before it was necessary to hearken to Brother Brigham’s counsel that crying babies are like good intentions and should be carried out.

Here you have the whole fam-damily. Well, most of it anyway.

Left to right: Fourthborn, 2BDH’s mother AKA Grandma, 4BFianc√©, LittleBit, 2BDH’s dad and stepmother, her granddaughter whom they have adopted and are raising, 2BDH, BittyBubba, Secondborn, 1BDH, BittyBit, Lark, Firstborn, and me AKA Gram.

I really do need to come up with nicknames for my sons-in-law.

MIA: Middlest and her hubby [she’s in VA, he’s deployed], 2BDH’s brother and sister-in-law [in TN], Willow [oldest granddaughter, working and in college in AL]. And the father of my children, out of town somewhere for a few days.

Jo asked recently, “So what did we do with all that time BR (Before Ravelry?) Eat? Drink? Sleep? Work? Clean?” Eat and drink, undoubtedly yes; anorexics do not reach my lush proportions unless they are obnoxious relatives of Harry Potter. Sleep? Not so much in my case, but yes, occasionally. Work? I’m a single mother; next question, please! Clean? Almost often enough to please myself; not often enough to please my sainted and much-missed Virgo parental unit.

I’m back to packing [insert childbirth words here] as the Miners Blanket Project will be ready to mail off to Ms. Knitingale on Tuesday. A family friend manages a nearby apartment complex and has made us an offer we cannot refuse. So, although I hate moving and really did not want to have to do it *twice* in the near future, we are moving out of what is rapidly becoming Hell’s Half Acre and into an apartment further up the food chain.

I even got to pick out the carpet, which I probably will not get to do right off the bat when I find The Cottage. Not sure when the actual move will take place; maybe in two weeks, maybe in four. Oh, for Hermione’s little bag and her wand, so I could just whisk everything into one small bag and move next weekend!

Here, as promised, is the Miners Blanket Megablock, blocking. [Say that three times, fast.]

And the detail shows the “V” rather better than the long shot does. I took my inspiration from the “LOVE” stamp so popular in the 70’s. And from my passion for Log Cabin quilts. I found a stitch marker when I threw back the feather tick that rests atop the regular mattress. I also found the cable needle that vanished in the blink of an eye, several months ago. The universe must have blinked again.

I tiptoed over to Ravelry and fired up my FO gallery. I also added the pics and blog links for MS3 and joined four groups: Single Knitters, Mystery Stole 3, LDS Knitters, and Texas Knitters and Hookers.

What would my bishop say if he knew I was consorting with a bunch of hookers? Which reminds me that I need to come up with a quick and mindless project to take to church this morning.

Have a blessed and peaceful Sabbath!


Tan said...

What a cute baby! And he looks like a boy, doesn't he? I think it's the eyebrows. I like your family picture. And I can figure out who the spouses are better without nicknames since I can see who they link to. The blanket is grand.

Longhorn Diva said...

What an adorable baby, Lynn!
And the blanket is lovely, too.

Thanks for finding my site, by the way, and certainly you can link to me. :) However I have to let you know that I can't take credit for that great cat picture; it's actually a common domain one that's been emailed around a bit, and it makes me chuckle, so I saved a copy of it, and threw it up for a laugh. Take care!

Tinker Belle said...

He is totally beautiful!

And I love the quilt block, too. Fantastic idea, and it looks great.