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Friday, September 14, 2007

Moving, Day Three: The Worm Turns

Someday I’ll have to look up the derivation of that phrase. When we got home last night, there were flyers on the apartment doors and on the windshield of each car in the parking lot. They’re making another stab at resurfacing, just in time to interfere with my move tomorrow.

What the flyer said was that everybody needed to be out of the west parking lot and park either in the east lot or by the office. When I came home from taking LittleBit to school after seminary, the entrance was half-blocked, and access to my parking was entirely blocked. There was a cranky-looking woman talking on a cell phone, and the assistant manager, and a handful of guys with T-shirts for the paving company sitting on the curbs.

Apparently somebody at corporate, or somebody at the paving company, messed up. And my portion of the parking lot is indeed being resurfaced today, which means a jaunt down toward the management office each time I come and go. The good news is that the cranky-looking woman is my new best friend. She is the district manager for the apartment management company, and she is Not Happy with how things have been going, and she was *extremely* interested to learn that the present manager refused to release my rental history [and my neighbor’s, and who knows who else’s] to our new landlord. I also told her about the extortion vis-à-vis the electric bill and that I would love to get some of that money back, see as they moved to bills-paid without written notice to the tenants, and while my lease was still in effect. I am not holding my breath on that one. I also told her that I was concerned that I might not get the portion of this month’s rent back after I am totally moved out. She gave me her business card.

Another silver lining is that the inconvenience of getting into and out of my apartment means that I cannot flit back and forth like I did yesterday, with carful after carful of stuff. Instead, I am steadily filling and labeling one box after another, and I am letting the guys with the weak minds and the strong backs deal with it all tomorrow.

Wait, there’s more good news! When I went into Pier One to get more of the lined baskets that fit so nicely on my bookshelves, I didn’t find them, but I did see that the chairs I’ve been coveting for several months are now 30% off. I whipped out my debit card so fast that I nearly melted the numbers off. And since this is the night of the monthly dinner with Brother Sushi, and he is the owner of a nice shiny pickup truck, I think it’s safe to say that the new chairs will be at the new place before the evening is through.

One of my girlfriends from church had a nice lidded box for me, and when I popped over to pick it up, she sent me home with a mason jar of fresh, hot, homemade soup.

This day just keeps getting better and better!

Ms. Regional Director checked with the paving company, and as long as my friends stay along the sidewalk and don’t go down the middle of the parking lot, we can proceed as planned with the move.

More later; I just popped in to see if I’d had an email from my Relief Society president.


Cambria said...

i love when there are days like that. everything seems to start falling right into place. lets you know that all those prayers got heard and were in the works:)

Tinker Belle said...

Gee, I wonder what would happen if you sent a copy of your 'resignation' letter to Ms. Regional Director, and let the office staff know you sent it.

Yahoo! You got the chairs! :-)