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Tuesday, May 06, 2008

A Calculating Woman

DART [Dallas Area Rapid Transit] has a nifty little online calculator, to help you figure out how much you would save by riding public transportation. According to their model, I will save about $530 a month on car expenses; this includes not only the cost of fuel, but maintenance, tires, interest and depreciation, insurance, license and registration; it does not include the loan payment. I think my savings will be somewhat less than that, but I would have to grab several files to be sure. And I haven’t had breakfast yet.

From here to the train station that I’m currently using, is 9.5 miles, compared to the 25 miles I drive one-way to Dallas. From my new home to the train station that I will be using is 3.75 miles. And I haven’t figured out how far it is from the duplex to the office, but at least 10 miles farther and possibly as much as 15. So this month I will drive somewhere between 50-60% less and after that something like 75-85% less. After three days of riding the train, I am incredibly more relaxed *and* I don’t want to go anywhere else once I get home. I just want to cook a simple meal and putter about and knit.

Pretty cool. Here’s the link to their calculator so you can put in your own numbers. And now I'll stop torturing you with math.

How about I tease you with knitting instead? Here are the Anastasia sisters, side by side, as of dark-thirty this morning.

And what about this?

I don’t know if it’s a difference in grist between the Addi Turbo and the Addi Lace, but the second sock is noticeably larger, both in width and in length. And my left foot is not all that much bigger than my right. It could also be the difference between K2tog and SSK, because my eyelets are definitely bigger on the second sock. But look at that ugly pooling, which is nonexistent on the first sock. I don’t mind the two faint green stripes, but that pond has got to go.

I wonder if I need to gear down to my 000 for this second sock? And if so, I wonder where that needle might be? No doubt I will find it while packing. I know that it made the move from the old place, because I have the bag that it came in.

Oh dear, I guess this forces me to wind up the purple cashmere and cast on a scarf...

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Bonnie said...

That is an unfortunate pattern that emerged on the second sock. I didn't notice the two faint stripes until you pointed them out. The big stripe, however, looks like some heathen spilled coffee on it.