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Friday, May 02, 2008

Could I Please Just Marry Gregory Peck?

Though for me he will always be Atticus Finch, reluctant shooter of mad dogs [but not Englishmen], last night I stretched out on the couch with my knitting and the denouement of “Roman Holiday”. I love that man’s voice. It’s a Harley Davidson kind of voice, deep and rich, and he conveys more emotion by the simple act of swallowing than today’s younger actors manage to pull out of an entire bag of shticks.

Just flat melts my butter.

Yesterday was weird. I woke up around 2:15 and couldn’t get back to sleep. Which made for a long, long day. Left a little after 6:30 and called Firstborn at work to confirm what I remembered about how to get to the nearer train station.

What a lovely, pleasant drive! The train itself was comfortable and not too crowded; that may change in coming weeks, if gas prices continue to rise. And I caught a bus at the front of the station for the last couple of blocks to work. Eventually I will walk it. [Eventually I will also sleep through the night.]

I put about an inch and a half on the second Anastasia; I had to rip back to the first round of pattern when I realized that I’d knitted the spiral into the sole as well as the instep. During “Roman Holiday” I worked on the cuff of the much-frogged first sock.

Some thoughts on riding the rails: I like the people-watching. I need to carry less stuff. I like the extra knitting time [about 40 minutes each way in the current incarnation; more like an hour once I’ve moved]. And it takes longer than just hopping in my car and going.

Amusing moment: surfing the Web while opening the morning mail and pulling umpteen staples, looking for a mandoline to go with my eBay cookbook that arrived in the first batch of mail. Realizing that I can pay $45.00-70.00 for a basic mandoline with steel blades and legs that tilt it at an ergonomic angle, or $25.00 for a Kyocera mandoline with a ceramic blade and no legs plus it comes in red. Beginning an order at surlatable.com and coming to a screeching halt when I see $7.95 shipping for an order that is going to top out around $35.00. [I found a second item that I wanted.] Remembering that one of our former employees shopped at the local store. Finding the local store via the website. Eight minutes away. I’ll just hop in my car at lunch and save myself $7.95...

The car. Is at the park and ride. In Hurst.

This will take a little getting used to.

Tonight is dinner and dancing, and tomorrow morning is a bit of culture at the Dallas Museum of Art with my best friend. Tomorrow night is the grownups-only session of stake conference, which I always enjoy. I’m feeling un peu triste, however; tomorrow night at the Richardson Symphony, Olga Kern is playing the Rach 3. J’adore the Rach 3. I will just have to comfort myself with sockliness.

Must be out the door in twelve minutes, if I want to catch an earlier train than yesterday. This could get interesting.

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Bonnie said...

Once you get really good at this public transportation thing, you will be able to time the bus rides on your lunch break so that you can run errands and still be back before your lunch ends. I'm glad you are doing something better for the environment and saving some money while you are at it.