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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Ms. Ravelled gets profiled!

So, I had a little excitement while trying to get some relief from my symptoms yesterday. I am doing a Reader’s Digest condensation from Facebook, in the interest of time.

The herbalist wanted to charge me $145 for a bottle of Chinese herbs that cost me $40 last time (admittedly, four or five years ago, but really?) The shop wasn’t open when I got there, even though the sign said it should be. I called the cell phone. Could I come back in 40-45 minutes?

When I met him back at the shop, he tried to sell me several other bottles as well, and I explained that I couldn’t afford $145; we discussed the smaller bottle (which lasts approximately two weeks), but it would be $95. He offered me increasingly larger discounts, ending with “How much money do you have?”

At which point I got in touch with my inner Gilmore Girl and said, “I have to go, thank you, I have to go.” And walked out. It’s not just the $145, it’s the other three bottles of medicine that he wanted to sell me, which would probably have cost me a total of $500 - $600.

At a friend’s suggestion, I googled the products and found a source which sells them for what I paid four or five years ago. Firefox warned me that the site was not secure, so I let them know that and just took a nap, instead.

Wonder what the price would have been if I spoke fluent Vietnamese?

Not amused, but feeling much better today, so looks as if I won’t be needing those herbs after all.

One of my children asks, “What is a black and white dance?”

Not what it would have been, here in Texas, outside of the Church, sixty years ago (i.e., segregated). They have asked us to show up in black. Or white. Or both. There will be those who will not comply, thus spoiling the motif. I may very well be one of them, depending upon what is both clean and dance-worthy when I start grabbing things on Friday morning. Though I do have a fetching black skirt with asymmetrical hem, and I would be delighted to top it with my “dontcha” shirt, which is black with white lettering.

Meanwhile, I am going first to the gym, then to the dentist for a cleaning, then on to work. Dinner at the new guy’s tonight. Hot chicken broth throughout the workday. I am *so* ready to be back at work. I hung five pictures yesterday (banging nails into the wall was quite therapeutic!) and gave my shredder a non-fatal case of indigestion.

No idea what to knit today...


Jenni said...

Hope dinner is great tonight.

Bonnie said...

I'm not a fan of creative pricing. It would be one thing if he asked "How much do you have?" because he was trying to help you afford an already reasonably priced medicine. It's quite another to try to feel out how much he can gouge you for.

I hope the dance and dinner are both fun.