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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

What I did this morning.

(Just about all morning.) There is a website, SewTrue, which carries a wider range of Gütermann silk thread than is available locally. They have a color card with every color manufactured, and another, smaller card listing what their shop has in stock. I copied/pasted both lists into Word documents (sadly, the interactive color chips did not transfer) and then transposed the greater list into an Excel spreadsheet. Which I then put into numerical order. Then I marked each color which Sew True carries, in red. And then I grabbed my spools of thread, a few at a time, and marked them on the grid in bold purple type. And reduced the font size so it would all fit on one page, and printed it off.

Why this numerical insanity, you ask? JoAnn’s has all their thread on sale, half off, through Saturday. And while I was picking up the grey I needed to sew up Faith’s wee britches and party dress, I saw some other colors I liked, but wasn’t sure whether I had them on my wall here at home.

In the process, I discovered that one of the colors in my possession, has apparently been discontinued. (We will now have a moment of silence.)

No it is not my [present] intent to amass one of each color which Gütermann makes. I would have to buy a spool a day for a year, Sabbaths included, for that to happen, assuming I could find a source for the spools not currently in their color rotation. But this will prevent my buying three spools of one color unless I need three spools for a project.

That’s how I’m rationalizing the morning’s activity, anyway. Mostly, I did not want to wash up the breakfast dishes or scrub the commode.

The ribbon sample arrived in yesterday’s mail, and it is lovely. Unfortunately, it is also a little too stiff, a smidgen too wide, and altogether too blue a grey to go with Faith’s sweater and the fabric I just bought. But the quality is superb! And my disappointment did not stop me from buying three other, narrower ribbons from her Etsy shop.

Tonight is Knit Night, which feels a little weird, because this would seem to be two Saturdays in a row. Yesterday definitely did not feel like a Monday, and today does not feel like a Tuesday. Tomorrow will be my Monday, because I will go back to work. It would also have been Mom’s 97th birthday (yesterday was my brother-in-law’s 78th), and this coming Friday would have been my 33rd anniversary with the children’s father. And Thursday will mark the one year anniversary of the passing of the new guy’s wife.

We should just call this Whammy Week and be done with it.

I am going to take another trip into JoAnn’s before hitting the bookstore for Knit Night. I saw some gorgeous doll-scale fabric and described it to Middlest while we were chatting last night. So I will pick up a yard for her, and she will pick up some of the erasers that look like cupcakes for me, and we will send each other CARE packages, and the resin kids will all shout “food fight!”

I am off to do my impression of a responsible adult and wash up those dishes, and scrub the commode, then treat myself to a nice sploosh at the pool. I think both trucks have been by, so I can probably put away the garbage can and the recycling bin.

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