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Sunday, July 07, 2013

Home again, home again, jiggety jig.

If the purpose of vacation is to clear the mind, then I succeeded perhaps a little too well. I left for church two hours early, having gotten it into my head that we are meeting at 9:00am this year. I was ready to turn into the parking lot when I realized my error. So now I am home, pondering a quick nap with the alarm set.

There's a hornet or one of its cousins in my bathroom. I shut the door, taped a note to it, and stuffed my pajama bottoms into the gap at the bottom of the door. In the cornucopia of poisons in the kitchen and garage, surely there is a can of wasp spray. And if not, I'll pick one up tomorrow.

Traveling is hard work. I love to fly, but getting around an airport has become difficult. My right hip decided that it did not want to play, early on at PDX (Portland). I sat down to rest partway, which helped somewhat. I got escorted to the secure elevator when it was time to leave.

I managed the stairs fairly well at my sister's house. But apparently my body had had quite enough when it was time to come home. My feet and ankles are still swollen. My right shoulder aches a little. I want to curl up and sleep for three days.

I have made a lot of progress on the jacket since Thursday. It just gets prettier and prettier. When I finish the current set of decreases, I will have jettisoned 385 stitches from the 585 which I cast on. By the time this section is done, I will be down to 102 stitches. The rows go faster and faster.

Wish I could take tomorrow off and restock my fridge and pantry. I picked up a few things on my way home last night. Enough to get through the day. But I did an excellent job of clearing out the fridge before vacation. Costco run tomorrow after work. And maybe Trader Joe's after that, if I'm not too tired.

I've decided that next time I fly anywhere, and I'm the one paying for the ticket, I will spend the extra to go first class. I am so grateful to the kids for giving me this vacation. My seat last night was quite comfortable. But on the way up, my seatmates played an obnoxious video on their phone for the last 15 minutes or so of the flight. Next trip I will have my iPod and/or noise canceling headphones.

So glad I went. So glad to be home.

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Lynn said...

I should add that the obnoxious seatmates were strangers, and not family.