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Five years into widowhood, after one year of incredible happiness and nearly 14 years of single blessedness. Have given up perfect manicures and pretty hands in order to resume playing the soprano recorder and to see if I can figure out how to play bluegrass banjo. Singing in the shower. Still really, *really* love to knit!

Friday, February 26, 2016

Oh, hi! Remember me?

It has been quite the week. Monday night I completely spaced about the concert for which I'd bought a ticket. I didn't remember until yesterday.

Tuesday was a whirlwind. Up early to google specialists, then off for my well woman, and to pick up my records from the mammography center that no longer takes my insurance. I made an appointment while pulled over into a parking lot on the way to my well woman. And I have a referral to an internist for my overdue colonoscopy. Inhaled some breakfast, then picked up J for his driving test and to renew my own driver's license. I was successful, and he was not, because the Tardis' brake light on the camper shell was not working. Who knew? It's not like I stand back there when I'm driving. I'll get that fixed in April when I get her safety inspected and renew her tags. He wasn't mad at me, but he was not at all happy about the functionary who said, when he told her that this was the third time he had to reschedule, "Maybe it's a sign."

He bought me a snack because he hadn't eaten all day, and I was ravenous. Again. Took him home, picked up Fourthborn, and we ate dinner. And got dessert at Knit Night. Then went to the movie theatre for the Princess Bride quote-along, which was hilarious. We each came home with a tiny bottle of bubble soap (which neither of us could open), a small bell with remarkably good tone, and an inflatable plastic sword. I spent much of the movie thwacking her on the head as we quoted lines with the rest of the audience. So much fun!

We got home a little after midnight, and I was asleep around 1:00am. Needless to say, I was a zombie at work on Wednesday. Came home, ate a slice of pie, and napped for an hour so I would be safe to drive Fourthborn home and come back again. Four hours in a car that day. Not my idea of a real good time.

I was only half awake yesterday, but last night I got a good night's sleep, and today went far better. Last night one of my church friends came over, and we talked for about an hour before I hugged her and shooed her off so I could go pick up a new prescription. Got the lab results back, and while my good cholesterol is finally up over the minimum, my bad cholesterol is still slightly into the red zone. So now I have Prava-something to take along with my Metformin, and we will re-check in three months to see if it's helping.

I love the possible side effects. Memory loss, decreased concentration, jaundice, anaphylaxis. Just what the busy legal secretary needs, right? So I've told Fourthborn to let me know if I get any weirder than usual, and I've told two of my friends at work to watch as well. I'm hoping that the medicine will either be unequivocably helpful or undeniably useless. Bonus points if I am suddenly more focused and lose thirty pounds, but not the hard way.

It is time for me to start swallowing foreign objects (i.e., meds) and go to bed. Night, y'all.

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Rory said...

Have you noticed that you are resistant to medication? When I saw my specialist I discovered that the complete resistance to medication (I take it but it doesn't work or doesn't work correctly), is a genetic factor, and Faythe has it too.

It manifests for me as getting the rare or unusual side effects more often than not, and not getting the "positive" effects of the medication.

In that vein, the medication I was on from November to mid February as a daily migraine medication, caused me to drop 25 pounds of muscle mass in 2 months. What I'm ambling towards is please be aware, keep a dietary journal, something, to make sure that you are eating. I have/had constant nausea, but my new med does let me know when I am hungry, and insists that I eat. Old med I could eat maybe a bite of food before my body rejected whatever I was trying to eat.

Just look after yourself is what I'm saying. I love you.