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Monday, March 14, 2016

You say prep like it's a good thing.

In this case, you might be right. I've begun this post on Sunday evening, two hours into the process of getting ready for my colonoscopy. I've had a priesthood blessing. I've discussed my concerns with my home teacher and visiting teacher couple. I've discovered that I can drink apple juice (which I actually had, tucked away safely in a drawer, but had forgotten about) as well as chicken broth, while allowing the medicine do its thing, and I am feeling significantly less fragile and hangry than I did when I came home from church.

This cleansing solution is much easier to drink, and much easier to endure, than drinking half a gallon to a gallon of Go-Lightly. (To which Holly would never have give her stamp of approval.)

Church was interesting. The veil was very thin, and my emotions were right on the surface. So I cried when the guys from the ward choir sang "Ye Elders of Israel" as an intermediate hymn. And I choked up while pinch-hitting as chorister in Relief Society, for the closing song, "Praise to the Man." The melody is not exactly identical to "Scotland the Brave," but it's close enough that it got to me.


Six and a half hours of letting nature and medicine take its course, and I was more than ready for bed. So I prayed to sleep through the night, and that prayer was answered, and I feel remarkably well ~ and ready ~ this morning. Just waiting for my ride to show up. I have my driver's license, my insurance card, my knitting, and my phone. I'll endeavor to stay off Facebook until I've slept off the last of the anesthesia


It went well. He took out five polyps, all of which appeared benign. And I go back in three years. He's a young dude, so it looks as if he might last until I no longer need to assume the position.

In knitting news, I am nearly done with the gusset decreases on green sock #2. I've put in a good chunk of time on The Albatross today, and I'll get back to work on that when I have finished my (second) slice of pie for Pi Day.

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