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Thursday, February 15, 2007

I see that some clarification is in order

Crochet Diva's comment, "Thank you for offering to make me a sweater like the one you have on" was entirely ironic, which you can't hear in my previous post. I'll be working away on one project or another, and she will come into the break room and say, "For me? You shouldn't have", and I'll grin back and say, "I'm not."

She is one very accomplished crocheter, so her compliments mean a lot to me. I've offered to teach her to knit, and she's not interested.

Ergo, no bargain offered, implied, struck, or otherwise-verbed, though I am a fast knitter and could easily replicate my red shrug in a week or two. Plus, I am utterly uninterested in designer handbags and accessories (with the possible exception of a few bijoux I've seen at the Brighton store). Although I know that what she offers in return has a generous fair market value, even used, there's no appeal for me.

Now, if she were to offer me one or more pairs of Dansko clogs, which are coin of the realm as far as my feet are concerned, I might be persuaded.

It's 9:03 on a crisp Thursday morning. There were a few brief flurries of snow when I took LittleBit to early morning seminary. I've taken the day off ~ tomorrow as well ~ and am taking a breather after an hour and a half of blissfully mindful knitting. Three more rows and then the shaping begins for the upper sleeves. I hope to be done with the actual knitting by noon.

AARP's online Sudoko is calling my name. More later.

OK, it's officially "later". Roughly 5:30. Both sleeves are done, and I have about an inch of I-cord worked for the trim around the bolero and the sleeves. Good thing, too: the dance is *tomorrow* night. Good thing I took two days off, LOL. Will be fitting the pieces to the granddaughter tonight after a bit of church stuff, and will be blocking them overnight.

I explained to LittleBit that nobody gets in trouble if we send back the aubergine yarn for her hoodie and exchange it for royal purple. "In that case, yes, please," says she. As I noted in my response to MsKnitingale's comment, below, this is Texas, where we have two seasons: February and summer. And February is half over.

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