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Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Choir concert tonight

For those of you who are local [and you know who you are], LittleBit's choir concert is at 7:00 tonight in the usual place.

And for everybody else? The block-fest continues. I took up the black pieces of her hoodie first thing this morning. I would love to put Swallowtail to soak while I run her to seminary, then come home and pin it out, but while I’m getting a mite faster with the blocking wires, this morning has already been quite busy enough. I dashed to the grocery store for more hangers for all the clean laundry that I was too tired to hang up last night. [Yes, it’s true. Alert the media! My laundry is caught up.] I also got more of those frozen meatballs that we like, and something to go in the package that I’m sending my sister for her birthday. Unless, of course, we eat it first.

Loads of compliments from the muggles yesterday, for MS3. I cannot rave enough about this pattern. I definitely want to do her cherry-blossom stole, not that I wear delicate pink if I can help it. I guess I'll have to do mine in red and pretend that the blossom-holes are really chunks of lava.

Tax return is posted. I was amused to see how busy the 24/7 Post Office was after work, lots of folks like me who took the automatic deduction. That automated postal center is the way to go. There was a nice man who helped those of us who needed it. He even grabbed my printed stamp-sticker and popped it on the envelope for me and chunked it in the bin.

While I was wandering the aisles of W-M this morning, I heard some amazing singing. Apparently Beyonce has done a cover of “Fever”, the old Peggy Lee hit that Michael BublĂ© has also covered. One of the stockers had it playing on a boombox over by the frozen foods.

I will be humming all the way to work. Fe-vah! in the morning...

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Rorek said...

Cherry blossoms range in color from nearly white to, a very passionate dark pink, that is akin in hue to fuschia, but with less violet. :3 So you could get away with say a hot pink for a sakura/cherry blossom stole.