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Five years into widowhood, after one year of incredible happiness and nearly 14 years of single blessedness. Have given up perfect manicures and pretty hands in order to resume playing the soprano recorder and to see if I can figure out how to play bluegrass banjo. Singing in the shower. Still really, *really* love to knit!

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Rendering unto Caesar

Whew! After five or six hours of digging and typing last night, the tax return was finished. I went through [I think] every box that didn’t obviously contain something other than paperwork. I will have to give the IRS a check tomorrow, but not *all* my money, and not enough to trigger interest and penalties. For which I am abundantly thankful.

I have already accumulated the information I will need to file my Schedule C for my defunct business, next spring. I had some revenue bleeding over into this year. Not that an influx of cash is a bad thing, but it would have been nice to have been absolutely, totally, never gonna have to deal with it again done.

Here is some knitting content for you: MS3, blocking, yesterday afternoon.

I wore it to church today. It is exactly the right weight to take the chill off in our chapel, and I can’t wait to wear it to work tomorrow. Next up, the black sections of LittleBit’s hoodie, blocking as we speak:

When they come up off the floor, Swallowtail will be next in line to assume the position. And I think I want to re-block Brother Sushi’s tie that I made for him last Christmas. [And have yet to give him, because I’m not entirely happy with the lining, which is about 70% hand-stitched. It’s either re-block the tie, or reconfigure the lining. I think it will be both easier and more satisfying to pick out the hand-stitching, re-block the tie, and redo the hand-stitching, than it would be to try to re-press the lining to fit the tie as is. As I recall, I melted the first lining I cut out.]

I didn’t get the laundry done last night. I didn’t do the grocery shopping, either. And I just drank the last three tablespoons of milk. I also ate the last half of the frozen pierogies, with a drizzle of ranch dressing since we are alas! out of sour cream. “Dessert” was Nutella on saltines, since we are out of bread.

There is a vicious-sounding flying insect buzzing about the dining room and kitchen. I’m not sure if it’s a hornet, wasp, yellow jacket – I saw it backlit against the kitchen window when I was rinsing out my glass – or a lovely harmless dirt dauber. But it doesn’t sound happy. If it were a slug, I would put a saucer of O’Doul’s on the kitchen floor and wait. [O’Doul’s, I have.] It could join the cricket that I trapped under a small storage container and am not yet in the mood to deal with.

I want a nap. I think maybe we need to up the flow pressure on my C-PAP, because I’ve awakened several nights with the uneasy feeling that I was holding my breath, or worse.

Later, after a luscious and entirely restful nap, in which there were no breathing issues.

LittleBit and I are enjoying hash browns [sadly unsalted, as I have no idea in which of those 11 boxes the salt is hiding] and scrambled eggs aux fines herbes, and the biscuits that I wanted to bake last Sunday but couldn’t because the oven racks were AWOL. There are five or six more empty boxes by the front door, and all my Robert B. Parker mysteries are cozying up to my Rosamund Pilchers. The bright, chaste heroines of the latter are quite comfortable discussing Edmund Spenser with his namesake and trading witticisms with Susan, but they’re not at all sure what to think about Hawk.

Much progress on the Sabbath scarf today. A little tinking, when I got so involved with the lesson taught that I threw in the occasional superfluous yarnover. [And of course did not notice until three rows later.] But this KnitPicks Gloss tinks like a dream. I have almost used up the blue yarn leftover from Brother Sushi’s tie and will wind up the second ball sometime before bedtime.

What a lovely, restful weekend this has been. A bit of initially unfruitful shopping with LittleBit on Friday, though we did eventually find her that dinner suit for her upcoming date with the BF who is coming home from Marine Corps basic training and wants to take her someplace fancy. Fruitful shopping for/with her at Old Navy yesterday afternoon. And fun in the process, though Old Navy is typically so crowded that fun is impossible. A couple of good naps. Much knitting. A bit more unpacking. Some excellent reading.

I do believe I will slip into the kitchen and have another biscuit or two. And then back to my boudoir [which is looking more like a retreat and less like a storage unit] to wind up that second ball of yarn and curl up with my book for awhile.


Jerry said...

Mystery shawl 3 looks really good. Tax time in October is worse than in April.. Boooooo IRS

Lynn said...

It looks even better *on*, but now I need to scare up some hair picks or broken chopsticks or something. I priced shawl pins this weekend, and I am definitely in the wrong business...

Tan said...

You're certainly the blocking fiend this weekend. Your ms3 looks great.

fleegle said...

Your mystery shall is delicate and lovely, my dear!

And do record somehow the memories of your father. They are a bit of a comfort sometimes.

Julie said...

Mystery Shawl 3 is beautiful!