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Friday, January 16, 2009

One of those days

One of those days that was absolutely glorious! You’ve known me long enough to know that I am not one of those people who walks around, beating people about the head and shoulders with the Book of Mormon. [Sometimes I am tempted, but I digress...] I am happy to answer questions when my friends have them. I try to live the principles to the best of my understanding and ability. But I am not aggressive about it.

A friend at work commented the other day that she had an issue with something that had happened in her church. Just a passing comment; she had observed it, and she was frustrated by it. Yesterday she told me that she realized what was really happening: she was having a crisis of faith. Not faith in God, but faith in her locally-administered part of the Kingdom.

I took a deep breath. “Faith is something that is very personal and very private, and I respect that. Would you like to know what my church teaches about Christ and our relationship to him?”

“Yes, I would.” Looking me straight in the eye.

“Would you like me to get you a copy of the Book of Mormon?”

“Yes, I would.” Again, looking me straight in the eye.

“OK, I’ll get one from the missionaries this weekend. Would you like me to put your name on the prayer roll at the temple?”

“Yes, I would.”

“Would you like a hug, too?”

“Oh, yes I would!”

The rest of my day was peacefully spent typing out reams of dictation while pondering this quietly in my heart. She printed off the entire book of First Nephi from lds.org. [And knowing her, will have read it before getting to work this morning.]

Can’t wait to tell the missionaries on Sunday, though if she decides that she wants to take the discussions, it will be from other elders in another stake; she lives in Dallas County.

The Mean Green Jellybeans are coming along nicely. I realized that I wanted to reverse the twist of the cables on the back of the leg, so all the cables on one side will be going in the same direction, and all the cables on the other side will mirror them. This involved tinking half a round on one sock, and frogging seven rounds on the other. I like the yarn, and it frogs well, so it was not a problem.

I printed off Clue #3 on the January Mystery Socks and realized that my printer had left off half of Clue #2 last week, the part where I was supposed to continue in K3 P1 ribbing until the socks are 6” long or as long as I want the cuffs to be. I think I will be holding off on these socks until the Mean Green Jellybeans are done. I am feeling those first stirrings of finish-itis.

Dinner with Brother Sushi tonight. My nickel, and still no idea where. The Blue Tower Cafe, which allegedly serves great burgers, closes about the time my train pulls out of the station in BigD. So, not there, obviously. I nosed around a link from my friend Francis’s blog, looking for an interesting hole in the wall, and nothing appealed to me. So we may default to the pancake house, or I may grab a pizza from Little Caesar’s on the way home. Or inspiration may hit, sometime between now and dinnertime.

Tune in tomorrow.


gwtreece said...

I find what surprises most people about being LDS is our actual knowledge of the Bible. I think most people believe we only follow the Book of Mormon and that "crazy guy" Joeseph Smith. But we know better.

Jenni said...

Y'all should eat at Mac's in S Arl. SO good. Derek and I took you there for your b-day one year.

Tan said...

wonderful experience sharing the Book of Mormon--way to go