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Saturday, January 03, 2009

“Three Rolling Lawsuits Gather -- No Mas”

Another crazy-busy day at work, but one where I felt I had earned my keep. The primary data clerk took a day of vacation. And the two attorneys whose dictation I transcribe, were also out on vacation. So I spent much of the day entering three lawsuits [two of them fairly complicated, involving multiple parties, counterclaims, and/or intervenors], running the conflict checks, and setting up scheduled activities on each suit once the managing attorney’s lieutenant assigned the cases. When the secretary who hands out the incoming suits for entry came toward me late in the afternoon, I flapped my eyebrows at her and grinned and said “No mas!” And was just loopy enough from minutiae overload to think it would make a good title for a blog post.

It was a little weird to work a full day, after all the short days and short weeks I’ve enjoyed recently. I’m glad that I have a weekend in which to reorient myself, so I can hit the floor running on Monday.

It was payday. Paid bills. Came home and nuked some leftovers, then made a quick run to Central Market and came home with fresh fruit, a sliced boule, and one glorious sausage [turkey with cranberries, pistachios, and smoked Gouda] that I will cook up and incorporate into two or more meals. I eat very little meat, preferring to use it as a seasoning rather than a main ingredient. If I like this sausage, I’ll buy more than one next time.

Will do my main shopping at the neighborhood W-M this morning. I’m continuing to rotate my food storage. So much easier to do that, now that I’m the only one at home. If I felt like whining about what’s on my plate, I would have only myself to blame, but I’m learning to season and embellish the basics; I have yet to feel bored or deprived.

Here’s what I accomplished on the Mystery Sock before I could no longer keep my eyes open. Click to embiggen.

This yarn is so much easier to play with than the Alpaca Cloud which is marinating in my stash.
It’s a little splitty but not too bad. However, trying to keep all three or four plies on a size 12 crochet hook and thread them through an 8° bead is crazy-making. I will have to stop in at the bead shop when I’m running errands this morning and pick up a package of 6° beads and see if I like that any better.

I also need to figure out where I put my vial of crochet hooks when I was putting things up last night. I suspect it is tangled in the bedclothes or has rolled under the bed. I was pretty groggy when I turned out the lights. It’s not in the black bag where I keep all the small tools and bits; don’t know if it fell out or didn’t get put back in there in the first place. I remember opening it last night and fishing out one hook and another. Tis a puzzlement...

Meanwhile, the sock is stalled with a round and a half of beads on it, because I am just not in the mood for yarn-wrangling.

Have an appointment with the Nail Dude this afternoon. You don’t want to know how bad my nails look, but at least they are all still attached. No redneck manicures this pay period, and that’s a mercy.

I got a little bored last Sunday after church and decided to hang up a few things. That little blue bear cop is something Middlest gave me. Somebody needs to direct traffic in my kitchen!

I also spent some time daydreaming with the TCU community education catalogue and found several classes I would like to take. Unless I suddenly discover oil or natural gas in my yarn stash, I will have to wait until summer or fall, but I was impressed by the range of classes available, and the affordability. I would particularly like to take their photography classes.

Found the vial of crochet hooks; yes, it was tangled up in the duvet. Time for a victory lap around the kitchen!

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AlisonH said...

Nail Dude. Okay, that got my attention! Too funny.