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Friday, May 07, 2010

Adventures in Ravelledry

Yesterday I remarked brightly to Heaven something like unto, “I can’t wait to see what sort of adventures I have today.”

It was a really good day: I stayed busy from log-on to log-off, only taking one of my breaks, and I felt very productive. At one point I had taken some freshly-erased tapes back to my attorney’s area and was heading for my desk, past the data clerk’s desk, feeling a little peckish as I hadn’t brought a proper lunch and had just snacked on healthy-ish things throughout the day. So I stopped, whirled around to hit her candy jar, and found myself nose to nose with one of the attorneys, who was following closely and silently behind.

We both went, “Oh!” and stood there giggling helplessly.

So, we have established that I can turn on a dime, and that she has good brakes, and that neither of us is likely to shriek when startled. Thankfully, it wasn’t one of the guys.

Feeling a little creaky this morning, no doubt because of the ill-considered foraging I did yesterday. Three bags of baked snacks and a package of whole grain and cheese crackers and two clementines, after a sane and healthy breakfast of nugget cereal and half a carton of strawberries, is too much sodium for Ms. Ravelled. Follow that up with easy-mac for dinner and that same container half-filled with turkey chili for a second course, and you get an ankle that is protesting. And knees that feel like they did before I started working out.

Today’s lunch is in the fridge and ready to grab: the other half of the strawberries, a couple of clementines, bread for a PB&H sandwich, a carton of yogurt, milk for my cereal (which is in my cubby at work). And I am fixin’ to enjoy a whisper of Nutella on whole grain bread.

Am nearly to the end of this ball of yarn, but I’m not sure I’ll have time to wind another ball before I leave for work. Driving in today, as we are getting off an hour early to celebrate Mother’s Day; I want to hit Academy on the way home, to pick up my soccer slides. I still haven’t added resistance training to my workout, but I think if I alternate days with time in the pool I will have a nice balance and rhythm.

Probably no yoga tomorrow morning. Just sayin’. Although the mat is rolled up on the fallow side of my bed, taunting me.

Time to make like a cowpie and hit the road...

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