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Sunday, May 16, 2010

Lazy Sunday Links

Yesterday was lovely, once I recovered from the shock of waking up because my CPAP stopped due to the power going off. I had a good workout; breakfast with my best friend, who brought me the third and final book in the Henry and Eleanor series; a dozen or so phone calls for church; a quick nap; and off to the temple with two of my friends. [And a bunch more from our ward and the stake leadership.] That quick nap enabled me to stay awake through a session with virtually no difficulty. Since the friend with kids had everything taken care of at home, I took the three of us to Smashburger, where we split an order of Smashfries (much pleasure, minimal calories, zero guilt), and then I took them home.

There is not much happening here, other than the pigs in blankets which are nearly done, so I will share more links with you: brilliant, simply brilliant; and chastening (that which inspires me to continued chastity); being provident, one bite at a time. There was another link, something that I found comforting, but I botched the cut-and-paste, and I couldn’t “undo” my way back to it, so you are on your own to find something inspired to read which comforts you.

I have read neither of the following. Have you?
The Life of Pi, by Yann Martel
A Return to Modesty: Discovering the Lost Virtue, by Wendy Shalit (is she any relation to Gene Shalit?)

The light pouring in through the window at the top of my door is so luscious, I could just drink it.

What came into my mind as I looked at the three images I snapped, was a phrase from one of the hymn arrangements we are practicing in choir: “...To show Thy love by morning light...”

May you all have a blessed and peaceful Sabbath.

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Kristen said...

I liked Life of Pi a lot. I've only run across one person who did not like it, and she was a 90-ish dear old lady in our ward. You'll want someone to talk it over with when you finish though, so let me know.