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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

A Yard and a Half of Scarf, and Other News

The scarf which is probably going to be a door prize for my 40th high school reunion, is cabling rapidly toward completion.

I found out how long the pool is: 125 meters. Thirty-two laps (64 lengths) = one mile. Today I walked/jogged a quarter of a mile in the water, plus the usual routine on dry land. And I found out where they hide the kickboards. I am *so* grabbing one next time I hit the pool, and while there will be walking/jogging, ballet extensions, and a modicum of water aerobics, there will also be Ms. Ravelled doing her version of an Evinrude.

Last time I played with a kickboard, I was spectacularly pregnant with Firstborn, and we were visiting my folks, who had a membership at the Y in Boise. Mom had recently learned to swim, so she did laps to build endurance and self-confidence. I puttered along in the next lane over, making motorboat noises until she laughed so hard she had to stop for a minute.

I may wait to make Evinrude noises until I can complete several laps using the kickboard. I have no idea how long that is going to take, but did I tell you that my goal is to be able to swim a mile by my next birthday?

I have completed my course of Diflucan, and my foot looks 75-85% better. It would look even better, had I not lost or mislaid my tube of Nystatin sometime Friday. I have torn the couch apart, checked the car and the trunk, checked my cubbies at work, with no success. So this morning I called the pharmacy and picked up a refill on my way to work. I called my doctor’s office to see if I needed another round of Diflucan, but her nurse called back to say that it will keep on working, and that they only prescribe it for short periods because it can be very hard on the liver.

I am extremely attached to my liver, and having had hepatitis 31 years ago, I have no wish to do anything that will annoy said vital organ.

I spent almost two hours at the health club before breakfast, and it went by just like that. Had a great chat while in the pool with another woman who resumed swimming last fall and now can swim as long and as far as she pleases, time permitting. Most encouraging.

There is a small salmon steak in the fridge with my name on it. I'm going to eat a quick bite and then take a jog around Mount Washmore.

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