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Tuesday, January 08, 2013

Very very very quick post.

Because I am was about ready to fall over. (This is the post I wanted to publish last night, but Blogger was having a hissyfit, so I copied it to Word and called it a night.)

I came to the computer to work on bills and make sure that I had the right days for this month’s birthday cards. I found an email from our bishop, asking me to update the letter I wrote to the First Presidency last year requesting the sealing cancellation. Once more, the paperwork is moving forward. I spent something between an hour and an hour and a half retyping the original letter, then editing and updating it. Four pages, single spaced, emailed to the bishop, then printed off with an original signature. I dropped off the hard copy on my way to work today.

Bishop will need to write a letter. Our stake president (this stake) will need to write a letter. And then it goes to Salt Lake where the prophet himself will have to read it all. When I shut down the computer last night, I was feeling approximately the way Beloved’s knee looks: messy, raw, and ready to bleed at the slightest opportunity. My thoughts were chasing round and round like a nut-crazed hamster on a squeaky wheel.

I headed back out to the living room and had a bowl of ice cream, then made a birthday card for one of my newly acquired (Beloved) sisters, whose birthday is Thursday. Then I did one for the eldest grandson. This morning I made a third one, for 1BDH.

I did remember to pay a bill which had come due.

I went to bed around 1:00a.m. and got through the day powered by constant snacking and the last of yesterday’s Coke. We had no phones at work yesterday and for much of today. It made for a blessedly quiet office, and I got a surprising amount of stuff done, but it was weird to have faxes coming in and not be able to send faxes out.

I think I have finished the first fake vest panel. When I publish this, I will head back out to the living room to stitch it onto Beloved’s sweater and cast on the second panel. I will also need to calculate where the buttonholes should go.

All that ruminating last night, surprisingly enough did not infest my dreams, at least not that I remember. But it made for a very tender, thoughtful drive into work today and a nice, stress-busting five minute weep. By the time I got to work, I was clear eyed and peaceful again.

Not sure what I want to do tonight, except spend whatever hours Beloved is awake, out in the living room with him. Maybe I’ll find a movie for us to watch. Maybe we’ll crash early. Later, gators!

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Leslye said...

I completely understand about that particular letter. I don't know how I would have been able to write it a second time. It took me 25 years to write it the first time. Love to you both!