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Saturday, February 22, 2014

And there are crickets in my Promised Land.

Fortunately, I am friends with the seagulls.

I had my well woman a couple of weeks ago. Most indicators are right where we want them. Triglycerides are a little elevated. Fixable with incorporating more movement into my life. Glucose has been higher than normal the last two times blood was taken. (Back in December when I had that second kidney infection, and at my well woman.)

More blood work on Tuesday. My A1c, which measures glucose over a period of time, was 7. Non-diabetics have 6.5 or less. Diabetics should have 7 or less. A friend at work who is diabetic and well-controlled says that's not very diabetic. More like borderline. I picked up my Rx last night and have taken the first dose.

I will be requesting the diabetes educational package from my health insurance. I have a followup appointment booked for May. I will continue with massage. In a little while I will put on my big girl (yoga) pants and go sign up at the gym.

And tonight, after the drive-by fooding of the missionaries, I just might go to the dance in Arlington. No, Moroni has not shown up on my front step in tap shoes. My favorite DJ is in charge of the music, and I'm calling it doctor's orders.

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AlisonH said...

Oh, Lynn. I had gestational diabetes and have some idea... so not fun, I'm sorry! But borderline is way better than full blown, as my brother the diabetic reminds me.