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Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Chick time.

Work was amazing today. Just amazing. I got through the To-Do's, the mail, kept the inbox in line, and toward the middle of the day was caught up through tomorrow. When I looked at the To-Do's for Friday, I discovered three trial notebooks that need to be done. I emailed SemperFi about two of them, for trials scheduled to start the same day, asking if either was likely to settle, and which one he would like me to do first, and that until I heard back, I would be working on the notebook for my other attorney.

I'm out for the next two days, but I've nearly completed the innards of that notebook, and I am poised to finish with a big huzzah when I get back to the office next Monday. I also had my end of year performance review, and I am pleased. I won't know how that translates into raise and bonus for a few more weeks, but there will be some of each, and for that I am immensely grateful.

Met a friend from my ward for ice cream after work, and we talked for two hours, and it was wonderful. She's the Gospel Doctrine teacher, is freshly divorced, and is a hoot. We've agreed to get together once a month for something like this. Like me, she has a job that she enjoys that she's been at this side of forever. (Her chunk of forever is two decades shorter than mine; I'm just barely old enough to be her mother.)

So that was good, and I grabbed a burger at In N Out on the way home, and that's settled, so I will post this and turn off the lights and go to bed. If I were a betting woman, I'd lay odds that I'll wake up within half an hour of when I normally would (assuming that the Insomnia Fairy does not decide to grace Chez Ravelled with her presence).

Tomorrow is my fourth anniversary. I plan to spend a good bit of the day hanging out with the dead people. They've been somewhat neglected of late. And I'm doing a drive-by fooding of the elders tomorrow night.

Later, gators.

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