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Friday, April 14, 2017

Buzzwords I heard in a business meeting last week.

  1. Full stack technology - this does not involve transferring the entire batch of pancakes on a flattop to one customer's plate.
  2. Accelerator - this is not the gas pedal in the Tardis.
  3. Incubator - this is not a device for hatching healthy chicks.
  4. Quantum computing - this is not Sam Beckett with a calculator.
Google if you care. I did, and I like my "this is not / this does not" definitions better.

We are both a little extremely punchy from lack of sleep. I got through this day at work through sheer bulldog stubbornness and other people's prayers.

Middlest: "I feel like there's something weird along my spine."
Me: "Well, they did pump you full of all sorts of chemicals yesterday."
Middlest: "They sure did!"
Me: "Stand up and turn around. Maybe your derriere is glowing like a lightning bug's!"
Middlest: [gets up, turns around, resists the urge to moon me] "Well?"
Me: "Nope."

This was about fifteen minutes after my giggle-fest when I heard Middlest barking at Shut Up Maggie.

Me: "Are you barking at the neighbor's dog?"
Middlest: "Yes, why?"

In knitting news, I may have mentioned that I got bored knitting 150 stitches per row in stockinette on 0000 needles once I realized the piece was going to be too large to serve as the body of Avery's sweater. So I googled "knitted spiral scarf" and started decreasing. Once I'd bound it off, but before breaking the yarn, I took a good long squint at it and decided nah! and frogged it back to where the decreases began. I'm going to listen to some General Conference addresses, finish picking up the frogged stitches, and complete it as a proper rectangular scarf. At which point it will probably be time for bed.

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