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Sunday, April 02, 2017

Spiritual feast, with a side order of knitting.

General Conference is adjourned for six months. I worked on Avery's sweater as I listened today. When I put my knitting away a few minutes ago, I was about a third as far along on the second sleeve as I am on the first. There's a picture of it taken midday over on the doll blog.

I finished the second quilt block before Conference began. (The one where I had to pick up a small piece of extra fabric, just large enough to cut four 2.5" squares.) After the final broadcast, I preshrunk the fabric for the new blocks. It's not quite dry enough to press, but it will be in the morning, even if I don't necessarily have time to do that before going to work.

Last night I started adding links to doll sites to my other blog. I'm thinking of reformatting it, as it looks awfully sparse, even though I like the colors that I chose eight years ago.

There's a painting on the inside back cover of April's The Ensign that appeals to me. I'm going to see if I can get a copy in people scale and a smaller one to frame for the dolls. It just occurs to me that I need to find prints of the temples in doll scale for the room settings that I'm planning.

Who says I can't use my hobby to do missionary work?

Feeling thankful that the deluge earlier today did not drag a tornado along in its wake. At one point the rain was falling so noisily that I had to carefully open the front door and look at the driveway to make sure there wasn't hail mixed into it.

Feeling happy, and productive, and more or less rested in spite of all the spiritual blessings that poured out of my computer screen during this weekend's broadcasts. Someone wiser than I once said that listening to General Conference is a lot like trying to get a drink of water from a fire hose. So I'm thankful that the talks will be printed out and arrive in my mailbox next month, and that videos are already up on the Church's website.

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