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Thursday, April 06, 2017

So much better than yesterday!

Yesterday was a beating, and today was more like when you have an itch in the middle of your back that you can't reach with either hand. Irritating but not painful. The meeting which I was responsible to plan, but not authorized to conduct, ran 15-20 minutes long because the office manager got held up by another meeting, so we started a little late. That was the irritating part. We got through the agenda, came to a consensus on some things, got overruled on others, and had significantly more time remaining in which to do the things we get paid for, than yesterday.

In knitting news, the orange tabard has its ends woven in and is ready for blocking. About 75% of the stitches on Avery's second sleeve had slipped off their needles, which involved about 20 minutes of fiddling (and mental muttering) while at Knit Night 2.0 this evening.

I've revamped the formatting of the doll blog. I liked the colors of the previous incarnation but not the layout.

FedEx has notified me by multiple means throughout the day that Adela will arrive tomorrow. Can't wait to meet her.

In technology news, my phone somehow figured out how to change the screen brightness to "total eclipse" mode. I discovered this after listening to a chapter in the Book of Mormon while driving to work, when I wanted to pause the app so I could ponder it and pray the rest of the way to the office, as is my habit. CouldNotFind the pause button, so I ended up hearing half a dozen chapters with increasingly less focus and increasingly more frustration. I wasn't sure that I'd be able to shut my phone up so I could take it into work. While I am all for being a member missionary in theory, I doubt that my coworkers would find Abinadi's exchanges with wicked King Noah and his apostate priests as interesting as I do, particularly if they were trying to communicate with a court coordinator or one of our clients.

Once I was in the parking garage, I managed to access the settings button and discovered that my brightness was dialed down to near-zero. Fixed that, exited out of my Book of Mormon, and took my cranky self upstairs to start my day. That was quite possibly the most counterproductive study session I've attempted since the kids were toddlers.

It will be funny someday. Today is not that day. In typing this, my angry cough bubbled up. I am going to swill some water, eat a square of Ghirardelli, and knit a little before bedtime.

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