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Tuesday, April 03, 2018

And now we wait.

I like this doctor. We should have the results of the biopsy in about a week. I have a provisional appointment for a hysteroscopy (like a colonoscopy, but meandering around in the girl bits) for two weeks from today. Which happens to be my birthday. When I'm already assuming the position that morning (well woman).

If the biopsy results are uh-oh (and he doesn't think they will be), then the hysteroscopy is cancelled, and he will refer me to a colleague who only does gynecological oncology and is very, very good at it.

After thoroughly palpating my ovaries and uterus, he said that he didn't feel anything that he's used to feeling when there is cancer.

I like the doctor. (I know. I said that already. I'm saying it again.) I adore his nurse and assistant. And I've stopped cramping, and there was only a little spotting, and I've skipped Knit Night, but I did have dinner with Fourthborn, and I bought two books and several boxes of note cards at Half Price Books.

I would estimate that I'm only about 0.5% scared and 99.5% hopeful at this point. Gonna go swatch some more on my Cardi Cozy.

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