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Sunday, August 13, 2006

After Our Monthly Quilt Class

This is BittyBit, enjoying what one of my girls called bite-a's when she was small. As in, "I want a bite-a that, please!" You can see by the pink cheeks that match the pink dress, how hot it was a week ago yesterday (the 5th). That is Secondborn's hand doing the honors, and LittleBit was the photographer.

The local daughters and I attend a block-of-the-month class at The Old Craft Store in Carrollton. The premise is, you sign up at the beginning of the year and pay $5. That gets you your first month's block kit. If you return the following month with a completed block, your next month's block is free. Theoretically, it is possible to make twelve blocks toward a quilt top for one $5 investment. Theory rarely shakes hands with Reality in this family!

If the block is done but the quilter is AWOL, then you have to pay another $5 for the next month's kit. If you buy a previous month's kit, assuming there are any left over [which is assuming a lot] it's $6. Middlest has her hands full, being a good Navy wife and seeing the sights in Virginia Beach. So she opted out this year. I've been picking up the previous month's kit and mailing it to Firstborn in FL. Except the last two months, so sorry; I was seriously broke last month from a bad case of Yarnus Interruptus, and this month we got there after the last of the leftovers in our colorway had been snapped up by somebody else. So we will have to get creative.

This month, we saw previews of next year's block series. They've cut back to two colorways, one a patriotic red white & blue, and the other rich rosy browns and rich browny pinks. On the drive over, Secondborn and LittleBit and I had talked about how busy the next year was going to be, and how we didn't want to sign up again unless the fabrics and/or the designs were really compelling. Are we ever in trouble!

The women at this shop are *amazing* when it comes to putting fabrics and colors together. Secondborn is going for a "country" red white & blue theme for LittleBit's room. And we all swooned over the two brown and pink blocks that have been sewn up. So it looks as if LittleBit and I will be doing that one, and Secondborn will be doing one of each, using fabric from her own stash for the r/w/b one. Haven't discussed this with the other girls yet, to see if they're interested in participating.

At least LittleBit and I don't have to explain to a spouse why the number of quilt tops in progress is growing exponentially, while the number of completed quilts is not even growing arithmetically!

This is a link to the Sherwin-Williams website. Click on the "Color Visualizer". http://www.sherwin-williams.com/do_it_yourself/
Then search for these colors:
Terra Brun 6048, Rugged Brown 6062, Turkish Coffee 6076, Java 6090, Cordial 6306, Concerto 6298, Redbud 6312. All with warm shades of cream for the backgrounds. It is rather what I imagine life would be like, sitting on the inside of a chocolate covered cherry, the kind with fluff surrounding the fruit, and not just the liquid.

LittleBit feeding me a bite-a. Secondborn was the photographer this time around.

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Robyn said...

That brown and pink one sounds absolutely GORGEOUS. I might be interested in that, but I'll have to see whether or not I get this job at the local dollar store before I make up my mind.